Quilt Market: Tula Pink

I got back from Fall Quilt Market this afternoon and it sure was a whirlwind. It literally went by in the blink of an eye! Here’s my first blog post about the booths, this one of the Tula Pink booth.

The booth featured all of the new ‘Salt Water’ fabrics, and a whole ton of new quilts and other things. Yay for pixelated anchors!

I was very jealous of the fabric on this couch. I thought it might be coming out as a decor-weight huge octopus fabric, but unfortunately this fabric was made specially for the booth…boohoo, I was already thinking dress. lol.

This is a new quilt kit to make the ‘Hex on the Beach’ quilt that is featured in the next photo. The kit contains all the hexagons you’ll need for this paper pieced project, so you won’t have to cut them out yourself…score!

And these are the new Salt Water ribbons from Renaissance Ribbons. They have the best ribbons…very gorgeous and detailed!!

If you’ve seen the fabulous quilt backings on I Heart Tula Pink, this octopus backing will be available on the site soon, perfect to compliment your Salt Water quilt.

And of course I had to get a photo with me and Tula (although I was slightly dumbstruck). Yay for some cool specs!!

14 thoughts on “Quilt Market: Tula Pink

  1. You are lucky, Sara!! Tula Pink is a Rock Star!! Ooh, after learning EPP at Sewing Summit, I think I’m ready for Hex on the Beach! And I’d also like to know what Tula said about your Space Dust dress!?!?

  2. Another ditto on what did she say about your amazing dress? Thank you for sharing the photos. That big octopus is very inspiring! And the couch would look fabulous on you… well you know what I mean! :)

  3. Isn’t Tula just awesome??? That hexie quilt my next long term project. My boss ordered it for me. Woohoo. Love all the other stuff too.
    My boss and friend said I ambushed you. So sorry, I saw your dress and just got excited and took off. (Well I am a dork) In any case the dress is totally amazing and it was really nice to meet you at market.

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