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My name is Sara, and I live with my husband and children in Chicago, Illinois. My son, William, is 9, and my daughter, Violet, is 7-1/2. I love horses, sewing, reading books, Australian Shepherds, and music. The blog was named for one of my favorite Jimmy Eat World songs that I had on a cute pink 7″ record. It just sounded appropriate with the word ‘sew’ in front of it. 🙂

I started blogging in September of 2010 because I love sewing, and I am really inspired by the sewing community out in blogland. My blog would not exist if it wasn’t for the wonderful blog Amy Lou Who and for my partner in (fabric) crime, Kim.

My grandmother, my mom, and my aunt all sew. My grandmother is very good at making and altering clothing. I learned the basics when I was in 3rd grade, when my mom taught me and my friend a little sewing class once a week. I made a simple dress, which I proudly wore to school (my friend’s mother did not allow her to wear hers). At the time, I loved all sorts of crafty things, and so sewing took a back seat for a long, long time.

As an adult, I began sewing again when my first child was born. I needed something to occupy my time in the evenings while my baby was asleep, and I found sewing. At first it started out as a weekly goal to complete a little sewn project, but soon I was spending every free hour in the evening sewing. I was obsessed. I laugh because I often show my grandmother my finished bags, and she is always quick to point out that I have twisted a strap, or that my topstitching is not perfect.

My love for sewing has truly brought me out of my shell. I have always been a shy person, but now I feel confident in myself and in my sewing abilities, and I can now do things that I never in my life would have imagined that I would be doing. I started designing free bag sewing patterns for Pellon Projects, in late 2011. They include detailed instructions and step-by-step photos. Since then I have written two books, come out with two fabric lines, taught many classes, had two thread collections with Aurifil, and had my work appear in several magazines, including Modern Quilting, Sew News, Stitch, Generation Q, Modern Quilts Unlimited, etc. My class for Craftsy is called Building Better Bags: Interfacing and Structure.

I am proud to say that I use By Annie’s Soft and StablePellon interfacings, and Aurifil Thread (usually 40 wt., but I enjoy 50 wt. as well) in all of my bags. I use a Juki TL-2010Q sewing machine.

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Thanks for checking out my blog! I would love to hear from you! If you are working on one of my bag sewing patterns and have any questions, please feel free to ask!! 🙂



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45 replies on “About Me

  • Karen Bennett

    Hi Sara, love your site:) You had an article about a project you made from “Sew Hip” mag. I have been trying to find out how to subscribe and everything online is a dead end. Would if be possible if you still had one of their magazines to let me know their info about contacting them? that would be wonderful if you wouldn’t mind. Thank you sooo much in advance. have a great day:) Karen

  • bmolony

    Greeting from a fellow Chicagoan and quilter! I grew up on the South Side, along the lakefront, now living in Lockport.

  • Kelly

    I’ve always wanted to take a long road trip with my kids where we really get a feel for the size and scope of the US… Lots of roadside attractions and non-chain diners and motels. Anywhere out West, or along the East or West Coast. Maybe someday…

  • Magdalena (Lenie) van Zyl

    I am from South Africa and are very fond of making bags. I received your Noodlehead Tote 241 pattern Thursday Night and I started Friday afternoon en completed it that night. When I find it on the blog I know that it is something special. I wonder if you can let me know if Purse Palooza Charlies Aunt Kitchen Garden Bag which appears in the Archive under June 2012 is still available in pattern as well as the instructions, I must say the Noodlehead tote 241 instructions were excellent and I have no problem to follow it and are very understandable. I am a Afrikaans speaking lady so my English is not of the very best, I hope to hear sometime from you.

  • Lenie van Zyl

    Dear Sara – I love your patterns and your site. I page through and the Melly & Me Ripple Rasberry Handbag is something that I want to make. I have no problem paying for the pattern but don’t want to use my credit card because a time ago there was corruption when I ordered something at Embroidery Garden so I am scared to use my card again. I shall be please if you can come back to me and give my information that I can get the pattern digital loaded and pay the money directly into an account so you will be able to let me have the pattern.

    I shall appreciate if you can let me know if it can be done on such a way. Thank you for attending to my request and see out to hear from you as possible. The information for the bag is in your Archives October 2013.

    Kind regards Lenie van Zyl from South Africa

  • Mimi

    I would like to try to make the CONVERTIBLE CLUTCH, but have you made any corrections to all the mistakes that were sent by others? If it all has been updated corrected how and where to find it? Love your site

    • Sara Lawson

      Thank you for your message. I was pointed out in January that there were possibly errors in the pattern. I turned this in in 2012, and since then have a different computer so I don’t have any of the original templates or files, so I’m not able to compare my original work with what appeared in the magazine or on the magazine’s website. I do want to revisit the pattern one day, but haven’t had a chance up until now. Since I can’t verify the pattern, I’d suggest choosing a different project; I do have other free patterns on my site under the ‘Tutorials’ tab (Kennedy Bag and Brookfield Bag are the most popular, and Arabesque Bag is great for a beginner). I apologize for the inconvenience!

  • Sheree

    Hi Sara, I met you Friday at the International Quilt Festival. Thanks for signing my book, Looking forward to making one of your bags.

  • Janet

    After many, many, years not sewing I have again began to sew, starting with small quilt projects and one project I want to make is a bag. I loved reading about your history and am so delighted to see a young woman sewing. I had almost felt like it was a lost art to the younger generation. I find sewing in the evening very relaxing. Best wished for much more success.

  • Antoinette

    Hi Sara so looking forward to using you patterns I just ordered and following your Blog your are a very accomplished woman and I think I have your book Big city bags ? Will check in my library of love for books

  • Annie Raines

    Hi Sara, I’m making your Kennedy Bag and sent to JoAnn’s for shape-flex and received white woven fusible. Can you tell me if they are the same thin. Thanks Annie PS—Great bag!

  • Rita Brown (shewhodi on IG)

    Hello Ms. Sara,
    I bought three PDF patterns over the weekend, via my phone, and unfortunately I am not able to get the patterns transferred to my computer. Could you please email them to me? I would be most appreciative. I purchased the camera bags pattern, the peas and corn lunch tote and the train totes. Thank you so much.

  • Ellie Brown

    I am trying to order 2 patterns but am unable to. I don’t have an account and I don’t see a place to open an account. I filled all details in and it will not let me order without an account. THanks

  • Nancy S

    Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful day yesterday! It was so lovely to just sit and sew and sew all day long with no interruptions and with friends who love to do what I love to do. What a luxury! You were a great teacher, and I am thrilled with my bag. Hope to finish it soon, but my husband had recent hand surgery, and I have to go now and mow the lawn! Hope to get back to my sewing this afternoon! Thanks again. Nancy

  • Margielou

    I purchased your Sloan Travel Bag pattern, and downloaded it, but for some reason my computer refuses to print it. Could you please send me a copy of the pattern on paper ASAP so that I can get the bag made soon. I thank you for your consideration. Margie Lou Hall

  • Dee

    I am working on your Tudor bag. I love the pattern. I seem to be missing page 21. Must have missed it when printing. How can I get another copy of that page. Thanks

  • Chrissy

    I have purchased a pattern from you today. I have had internet problems and “have reached my download limit”, but have had no success in downloading. Would you please re-send. Thanks

  • Bee.

    I came across your Carry All bag on Pinterest. I’m trying to make my son a bag with all those pockets inside and out to use for his tools. I want to make it from his discarded jeans. Is there a pattern I can get?? Can you advise me please.

    Kind regards.

  • Kathryn

    Love your bags and all the Tula Pink fabric!! I just got a serger; its a rebuilt and didn’t come with a carrier. I
    want to make one of your bags for it. I need something about 14″ x 14″ 14″ do you have anything that would work?

  • Ellen

    Why are the downloads for purchased patterns limited? I have 3 computers and would like to have the ability to download my 2 patterns to any of them. Thank you. Ellen

  • julia

    Hi Sara. I habe your book Big City Bags. Would it be possible for you to post a tutorial to make the leather handles? The purchased ones are $28 here in Canada! But with the rivets not sure how to make them. I prefer the leather handles to fabric ones. And making multiple bags the leather handles add up cost wise. Thank you. Love the book!!!

  • Carol

    I’m looking for the pattern for the tote bag that is pink, with I believe, Tula Pink fabric. It is pictured on your website, but not the name, etc. Has it been retired, or am I just missing it? Thank you.

  • Judith Marsh

    Sara, just received your new book, Windy City Bags and I love it! I have a question through. In your first book, Big City Bags, how many of the bags have top zippers? I really prefer bags that have them. Thanks!

  • Mary Fennell

    Hi Sarah, I read your tutorial concerning sewing in magnets that have the plastic film over the magnet. How do you sew these magnets sew neatly, considering how the magnets attract and cling to the machine. I am currently working a large scale project using sew-in magnets, and this is our biggest challenge to overcome. Please email your reply to me. Thanks, Mary

  • Lynne Stroyne

    I purchased your book “Windy City Bags” and in the back under resources, it says to go to your site for the bag handles. I am making the Clarity bag and need to find the handles you show. However, when I go to the URL you provided for your site, I cannot find the handles. Where can I purchase these handles?

  • david peterson

    Hi Sarah – I just finished making your Appaloosa bag and I am so happy with how it turned out… I love it. I found it really straightforward and not too difficult at all… even for me 🙂 The photo’s really helped for sure. I love the design and all the pockets and dividers and the size is perfect. It has quickly become my favorite bag!


    Hi Sarah, my girlfriend and I are trying to make the art organiser and really having problems. We are both very experienced sewers but both the instructions and the pictures don’t seem to make sense. Is there any chance that there are a page or two missing??? We would love to complete this project but can’t at the moment so your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    a lot Helen

  • Jenna Warnsley

    I bought both your books. I love them! In Windy City Bags, do you know where I can find the purple floral fabric you used for the Jump-start Duffel? (Or know the manufacturer)

  • Anne

    Hi Sara,
    Where do you find the cork fabric?
    I was recently in Portugal and discovered cork and all it’s many uses, but was unable to purchase any! So happy to find it right here in my own town-thank you! I live I Roscoe Village.
    (I love your style, btw!)


  • Michi

    Hello Sara, I bought your book Windy City Bags and I absolutely love it!! I am just entering into the world of bags and what a very helpful book!! Your section on interfacing is amazing and extremely helpful. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with the me!! You have given me inspiration!!
    May you and your family be blessed always!!

  • Mandy Minton

    Hi Sara
    Do you deliver to the UK, i’m really struggling to find cork fabric over here and you have a fantastic selection.
    O look forward to hearing from you, thanks in advance. Mandy

  • Amy

    I have several of your patterns through Craftsy and I do have your Craftsy class. Will you be doing anymore classes with Craftsy? How about doing some videos on You Tube? I guess I need visuals with some of your patterns. I really like the products you are putting out. Need to purchase some hardware for some projects and then I will start making more and see how they turn out. Need to do the first one to get over that fear of really messing things up. My husband laughs at me when I purchase more bag patterns, just addicted I guess.

  • Pauline Martin

    If I order Dot Dot Dash pdf pattern, will it come in my email as an attachment using Acrobat reader program? My computer is very old and some programs I cannot open, but Acrobat is one that I can open.
    Love your newsletters

  • Rebecca

    I have started buying cork from you and love it. I keep seeing the cork with roses on it and would love to get some for my purses. Could you please let me know if you will be getting this? I’d really be grateful. I love your site! Thank you, Rebecca

  • Louise Haugh

    Hi Sara,
    I am new to your site as I wanted to make a nice Craft/Sewing projects bag and stumbled across your site and the free pattern. Have printed it out and will get started at the weekend.
    Your enthusiasm for sewing is infectious, and thanks to your Mom and Grandma, you are inspiring sewers all over the world (I am in Scotland).
    Keep up the good work, and have a lovely 2018!
    Thanks, Louise.


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