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One of my top 5 booths at Quilt Market was the Tula Pink booth. AH-MAZE-ING. I need some new words to describe it. Not one, but two collections gracing this booth. These first few images are from the promotional brochure that I brought back, so I hope my scans do the fabrics justice. They are so good.

First off we have her Halloween fabric collection called ‘Night Shade’. There are not too many spooky fabrics for adults (Ghastlies is another good one), but this one is a winner. I love the portrait fabrics. I love the big floral print. I must get a bundle of these to make a quilt. The colorways are really nice too! Gahhhh!

The other collection at the booth was ‘The Birds and the Bees’, which is due out soon. I really love a rainbow fabric spectrum, but there are few fabric collections that are able to go from one spectrum to the other (or don’t even attempt it). This bundle is also one I must have for another quilt.

Here are the fabrics. My favorite print is the one with the squirrel, but I also love the one with the trees and also the one with the radiating diamonds. The colors are just spot-on, especially the purple (‘Lapis’). I just cannot believe this collection, it makes my head spin!!

Tula Pink also has a new book called ‘Quilts from the House of Tula Pink’. I need this one too…I wish it was my birthday…

I took photos of all the quilts in the booth. The first quilt, using the ‘Night Shade’ fabrics, is utilizing Tula Pink’s Snow Globes quilt pattern. What a great quilt pattern for use of large-scale prints.

Here is another ‘Night Shade’ quilt… (by the way, you can find all of Tula Pink’s quilt patterns right here).

The rainbow-colored quilt with ‘The Birds and the Bees’ fabrics was my favorite by far…HOLY COW. This is from Tula Pink’s book, and the pattern is called ‘Dreamweaver.’ Honestly, what I want to do with my ‘The Birds and the Bees’ fabrics is just replicate this quilt, because it is perfect. I want one just like it. And so (with the help of my sewing machine) I shall have it. 🙂

This circle quilt with the triangles is called ‘Space Dust’ (pattern due out in July) was really spectacular…I wish I had shot it at a better angle, because I think you are missing the full effect by my photo. Just ::gasp::

The last quilt from the Tula Pink booth that I want to show you is this one…this quilt pattern is called Cartwheels, and I was told that it is their #1 selling pattern. I can see why.

Don’t you just have a sudden urge to buy up every single thing from this blog post?

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