Purse Palooza :: Pattern Review: In Color Order Lined Drawstring Bag

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Terri from Sew Fantastic has some great sewing tutorials on her blog, as well as having a well-stocked Etsy shop with lots of handmade goodness! Check it out!
First off, thank you to Sara for inviting me to join in on Purse Palooza. There were so many great bag designs that it was truly hard to choose. The most fun bag I have made lately is Jeni’s lined drawstring bag. These are so addicting, I can make several in just a few hours.
Supplies/ Interfacing
The nice thing about this bag is that you only need basic supplies. You will most likely not have to run out to your local craft store to make this. The other cool thing about this pattern is that it’s Free! You can view the tutorial directly on Jeni’s Blog “In Color Order” And make one right away.
Supplies you will need: 3 fat quarters of fabric, ribbon, thread, sewing machine, safety pin, water soluble pen, ruler, and self healing mat. A quarter inch foot is also nice but not necessary to make the bag.
Although you could, I did not use any interfacing in my examples. I would not recommend a fusible because of the nature of the bag. You really want the fabric to crinkle to get those ties to work correctly. If you want the bag to stand on it’s own a heavy interfacing like Pellon Peltex would be perfect. Just a small rectangle at the bottom will give this bag a lot of umph! Other options are cardboard, or plastic template material.
Pattern Pieces and Illustrations/Instructions
There are less then 10 pieces in this tutorial, even less depending on what look you are going for. Each piece is a simple rectangular cut and directions on where to place each cut is also given in the pattern. The pattern for this bag is given in tutorial form, but you can also buy it in PDF form with directions on making any size bag you wish via her pattern shop. Jeni gives a simple math serum to make any size bag you can think of. The photos are very clear and directions are practically fool proof. This is a great start for anyone just learning how to assemble bags.
There are many things you can do to this bag (hence why I love it so much) Making it patchwork, smaller, bigger, or even adding pockets like I did for my purse palooza examples. My alterations make the bag have 3 deep pockets on each side for holding all sorts of things. Being that this is a great project travel bag, pockets were definitely a good idea! I put together a small tutorial document on how I created the pockets for my bag here. “Adding Pockets Tutorial
Difficulty level
This is a great bag for beginners. Very few pieces, clear instructions, and fun to make. They are so quick that it’s likely you will make many more rather then get frustrated or bored with it. I have been making these since the pattern came out and it’s still quite entertaining when I put them together. The hardest part is choosing fabrics .
Thank you Sara for inviting me over, and thank you everyone for stopping by to read my thoughts on the Lined Drawstring Bag pattern..
Happy Sewing!
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