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This post is part of Purse Palooza. For contest rules, full details, and schedule, please click here! Today’s post is from Liz of Moments…
Hi…I’m Liz from MOMENTS

When Sara asked me to be part of this years Purse Palooza I was over the moon!  I was so excited that right away I started thinking which pattern I should review. As you know I test patterns for a few fabulous designers but I didn’t want to pick one of their patterns. I wanted to review a designer I didn’t know…guess you could say give the “underdog ” a chance. Once the schedule of pattern reviews was posted, I discovered that 3 other reviewers also picked Swoon Sewing Patterns… guess she is not going to be unknown amy more !

Alicia at Swoon Sewing Pattern has a ton of lovely patterns… deciding which one to review was a challenge since I love all of them. I finally decided on “Glenda” the clutch….every girl needs a clutch!

Glenda is 11″ wide X 6″ tall…is rated 2 from 4 stars…easy to make…which it is.

I found the pattern fairly easy to follow but I have to admit I like lots of pictures since I hate reading…

…..I like to look and sew…. the pattern uses diagrams (I prefer photos…this is just a personal preference ) ….I had to do a bit of reading which in a few spots confused me….good thing I know how to sew bags.

I love the size of this clutch…perfect when you don’t want to carry tons of stuff…even my NCW fits perfectly in it ..I love the divider pocket in the middle …I added tabs to the end of the zippers which makes it easier to set..unfortunately the pattern doesn’t include this trick. Setting the zipper directly may result in a broken needle…be warned !

What I didn’t like is that the clutch is made using Pellon Peltex 70 …I don’t like sewing with it..I find it makes things feel like cardboard & stiff as a board! But for the review I did make it as the instructions said…Clutch looks great but it is to stiff for my liking ….
That is why I had to make the clutch again…this time I tried sewing it with upholstery fabric, artificial leather, and headliner instead of Peltex 70.
I have to say I like it much better….the clutch kept its form and doesn’t feel like a board.
I found the design adorable…the pattern easy…the changes I made are just my personal preference.
I will definitely be making another one, since I love the size of it and it sewed up quickly.
The pattern is a must have for any purse junkie like me.


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