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This post is part of Purse Palooza. For contest rules, full details, and schedule, please click here! Today’s post is from Pamela of Sovanisa.

Hi! I’m Pamela and I must say, I thought it was really cool that Sara asked me to participate in Purse Palooza this year. And now the day is finally here – it’s my turn to show you what I’ve made and all about the pattern I chose.

When I set out to find a pattern, I knew that I wanted to make a cross-body bag that would be good to take with me when I am traveling – one that is not too big, not too small, zips closed and is cute.

I eventually came across the Metro Hipster from Betz White and knew this was the bag I should make!


The dimensions of the bag are 11″ W x 13″ H x 2″ D – making it not too big and not too small!

The Pattern:

The pattern is a 14-page PDF digital download pattern that you can purchase online. The pattern is very well written and has diagrams showing pretty much all of the steps. I saw that another Purse Palooza reviewer mentioned preferring photos to diagrams a few days ago. I have to say that I share that preference; however, these diagrams were good and I had no issues following them. I thought the pattern was very easy to follow and I would expect that even someone with limited bag making experience should be able to follow this pattern.

This pattern is one that you print out, but there is no need to tape any pattern pieces together, which was nice surprise! 🙂


The Metro Hipster Bag features :



  • a front pocket that bellows out with an overlapping flap and closes with a swivel clip



  • a recessed zipper closure



  • an adjustable strap



  • a padded tablet pouch on the inside



Changes I made:

When making the bag, I did make a few changes to the pattern, which were mainly a result of my fabric choices.

The pattern called for two mid-weight outer fabrics such as canvas or waxed canvas , but it is hard for me to find waxed canvas where I live (I might order some from the etsy store that Betz White mentions on her pattern page because the waxed canvas shown in the bag pattern photos looks very nice!) So I ended up choosing two fabrics that were lighter weight than what the pattern called for – a light-weight cotton and a somewhat light-weight corduroy. Therefore I choose to apply a light fleecy interfacing to the external bag fabric (Vlieseline H630 purchased in Europe)

Instead of batting or fleece interlining, I chose to use the foam-based automotive headliner fabric (similar to Soft & Stable) that I have used when making several bags from Sew Sweetness. I like the finished feel of it … plus I had it here in the house and I can honestly say that in the meantime, I have gotten used to sewing with it. Especially since I recently bought Clover Clips which makes it MUCH easier to pin those thicker layers together!

The only other change that I made was that I decided to add a zipper pocket on the inside of the purse opposite the tablet pouch.



I really like having a zippered welt pocket on the inside of every purse, in case I have anything I want to put in my purse for safe keeping.

Changes I would make next time:

I couldn’t get a 10-inch zipper in the right color, so I had to use a longer one and I think I should have added a zipper tab to the recessed zipper end . I don’t like how the zipper folds into the seam on my bag – not sure if that is how it is supposed to be or if I did something wrong. I am a total perfectionist and I admit that since the zipper is recessed, you don’t even see how the zipper meets the seam making this a really small “issue”… but when I make the bag again, I probably will add a zipper tab to the one end. The other end where the zipper starts is fine.

Final Verdict:

As soon as I finished the front of the bag, I knew I was going to like it and I took these pictures:

sov7 sov8 sov9




I would definitely recommend this pattern and I am quite certain that I will make this bag again. I do not purchase patterns for $12.95 quickly – but I have to say this pattern is worth it. It was the first Betz White pattern that I have ever bought/used and I really liked it and will almost certainly try out other patterns from her. This pattern is relatively straight forward and very easy to follow, and I was able to complete it pretty quickly. I have made many purses and bags in the past, but I do believe that as one of the sites selling the pattern states, “If you’ve sewn from a sewing pattern before, completed several projects and are eager to try new techniques, you should be able to handle this project”.

And the finished product is very cute and professional looking…. and very practical.



And here it is in use:

(this pic was taken with my iphone and the lighting is a little off…. but still, you can see how practical this bag is when you are on the go…)


Cute and functional – my favorite combination!

Thanks Sara for having me be part of the 2014 Purse Palooza 🙂

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