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This post is part of Purse Palooza. For contest rules, full details, and schedule, please click here! Today’s post is from Kaitlyn of Knot and Thread (and read below to the end for a chance to win a kit for this pattern!).

I just have to say that Purse Palooza has filled my days with wonderful daydreaming of bunches of new bag patterns that I hope to make soon.

I am grateful to Sara for letting me be apart of Purse Palooza this year.

I chose to review Patterns By Annie’s pattern Catch All Caddy.  It is not quite a purse to carry around town, but when you are headed to your sewing night, it’s sure to be a hit.


I really love Annie’s patterns. They are full of great instructions.  My favorite part about them is they are very detailed in each step, along with having a wonderful little check box to never loose your spot along the way.

The pattern gives instructions for quilting the fabrics and Soft and Stable on your home machine. Being fond of long arm quilting, I chose to quilt my fabric that way.

The pattern is ordered in a way that you are able to finish all the components of the bag first, so that when the bag itself goes together you aren’t delayed along the way.


I made a couple of minor modifications to the patter. First, I used strapping in the handles instead of using Soft and Stable to make them a bit more durable. I used the same method as directed for the hardware tabs, making tubes, and inserting strapping. I was pleased with how they turned out.  Although the Soft and Stable created a much cushier handle, the strapping worked great, and used a little less fabric.


I really enjoy making the bellowed dividers on this pattern. During this part of the pattern it is extremely important that you are marking your lines as accurately as possible.  Annie gives measurements coming from both ends of the panels, which is really helpful.



There is only one zipper on this caddy.  It’s a small zipper, so my left over zipper tape from a previous project is perfect.  I have a small collection of different colored zipper pulls that are always fun to mix and match.  Annie’s instructions for zipper installation are great, and make putting in a zipper so simple.



Binding the Catch All Caddy is probably the trickiest part of making this bag.  Binding the raw edges is just like binding a quilt, but with bias binding.  I find it extremely helpful to use Wonder Clips, (which I can’t live without making ANY bag) and a stiletto.


While making my second Catch All Caddy I decided to try forgoing the “grab” handles that are made by the continuous binding. I simply left a few inches of fabric on the ends of the corners and tucked them under the binding before topstitching the binding down.  I really liked how it turned out without the “grab” handle binding.  I found it much easier to complete the binding by making this change.


As the pattern states, “You’ll love this sturdy organizer with lots of easy-to-access slip pockets and bellowed inner dividers to hold all your supplies and tools.”

pursepalooza-7 pursepalooza-9

I so glad to be apart of Purse Palooza, and am happy to share a giveaway on my personal blog:  www.knotandthread.blogspot.com comment on the Purse Palooza post there to be entered into a giveaway for a Catch All Caddy pattern, Soft and Stable, and finishing kit for the project!

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17 replies on “Purse Palooza :: Pattern Review : By Annie’s Catch All Caddy

  • Annie

    Thanks for the great review of my pattern, Kait! Your caddies turned out beautifully and it was fun to see the modifications that you made. I never like having the turn the edges of the binding under on ends, but you did a magnificent job! Keep up the good work.

  • Jan

    Love your caddy and the modification you made. I never understood the need for the grab handles when there are the longer handles to grab.

  • Daryl

    I love the Catch All Caddy too. In fact I have made 3 of them. One for my knitting, one for my sewing and one for my art supplies. It’s so easy to grab one and go into the next room or take to a group. Annie designs great patterns and I love that Soft and Stable too!

  • Cindy Sliker

    This caddy is a wonderful addition for ANY type of crafter! I picked up this pattern a quilt market this year, and it is a beauty. A few lucky friends will be seeing this at the holidays!

  • lovemyboxers

    Such a purposeful bag! That could be used from grandchildren to grandparents ,and everyone in-between to carry and organize goodies they may have. Soft and Stable makes for such great bags too!

  • Hilary McDaniel

    I made this caddy after seeing a demo at the Bernina Inspirations club. I thought it was easy to follow. I enjoyed making it so much I signed up for her Craftsy class. I made the travel makeup bag. It has been really handy while I’m on vacation. I will definitely sign up for more of her purse classes if she has any. I’m now going to make the caddie again as presents for my best friend for Christmas. She loves mine.

  • RuthAnn Gianneschi

    What a great bag! And I love the pictures to walk you through the steps!! It’s so easy to get confused working on a bag when it comes to something you’ve never done before and having a visual makes a huge difference. Well thought out patterns are a godsend!

  • Judy

    I don’t understand the strapping you used in the handles of the carry all bag. Please explain and is it something to buy?

  • Ilse

    I spent (wasted) a day on this caddy, only to find out that Annie has her height and length and width instructions completely messed up, I now have pattern pieces with the designs running sideways. (They’re dressforms, so they look silly on their sides.) When she says 15″H x 16″W becomes 13 1/2″H x 7″W, she really means 7″H x 13 1/2″W. A very poor pattern, IMO.

    • Sheryll Seidel

      I can understand your frustration and I know you were following the directions to the letter. Is the designer European? I have seen this before in their bag instructions. However, looking at the bag, I can see immediately which way the width would run. Sorry it ruined your fabric.
      Sheryll – a fellow sewist


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