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I read my first issue of the brand new Quilt Now magazine over the weekend, and I am so happy to subscribe to another quality magazine with interesting projects, made in the fabrics that I love! I subscribe to the magazine via Pink Castle Fabric’s subscription service. I think that Brenda, the owner, had imported either 200 or 250 issues of the magazine from the UK, and I heard yesterday that this lot of issues is all gone, at least for at the moment. Bravo to Katy Jones as editor of the magazine, and yay to all the designers that had beautiful projects inside!

I had a project in the issue, and I didn’t even need to guess that it was Katy’s hand modelling the bag. I called this the Black Hawk Bag. The colors for the issue were ‘sorbet’ (pastels), and so I used April Rhodes’ first line for Art Gallery Fabrics called Arizona. I think it fit the colors perfectly.

QN Cover


This clutch came about as a request from Laurie Wisbrun, who was looking for a small clutch pattern with metal oval handles. She found the handles on Etsy, and I ordered the same ones here. You could use a slightly different shaped or sized handle if you’d like, as the clutch is completely assembled and then holes cut into the bag by tracing around the inside of the metal handles. These handles have screws, and after the openings in the bag are cut, you can make holes where the screws were, re-screw the handles in place, and if you wish, add a bit of fabric glue. I spent a lot of time getting these handles in. It wasn’t difficult, but my lack of hole punch made the process longer, lol. Well, regardless, the clutch sews together very quickly, and it has topstitched inner pockets and a magnetic snap closure (located a little below the metal handles).



Here’s my self-shot photo of the bag before I sent it off to Katy.

Anyway, there are 21 projects in the magazine, as well as features, book reviews, and product reviews. Also, which is very cool, a Medallion quilt along. A bit of the quilt will be revealed in each issue, along with the instructions to make it. The templates for the patterns are included in an extra sheet, as well as a little present, a beautiful pair of strawberry pincushions. Really fun stuff and I highly encourage you to check it out!

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