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Jeni Baker of In Color Order is pretty much the most adorable delightful person ever (okay, we will reserve adorable for her bunny, George). She tells you how to choose fabricswhat you can make with them, and now she is a fabric designer for Art Gallery Fabrics! I got to check out her new fabrics first-hand at Quilt Market!
I met Jeni first at the previous Quilt Market, in Kansas City. She is the kindest and most creative person ever! Seriously people.
Color Me Retro by Jeni Baker by Jeni Baker
Photo from incolororder.com

 Jeni’s first collection is called ‘Color Me Retro’, and it is due out in shops this February! I love the color palette, and that big print is just *awesome*!!!

Here is a little interview with fabric designer Jeni Baker!
Me: I really love the fact that before you became a fabric designer for Art Gallery Fabrics, I know you were already a huge fan of their work. How did the design work come about for you?

Jeni: I have been a fan of their fabrics for a while, first falling in love with their Oval Elements and then discovering Pat Bravo’s beautiful collections.  I started to use more and more of their fabrics and began interacting with them through social media.  One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was working together with them on projects, becoming a member of their Fat Quarter Gang, and finally joining them as a licensed designer!

Me: I know that you are a huge fan of collecting Pyrex. I sort of feel that ‘Color Me Retro’ has that sort of vibe. How did your design process come about, and which prints did you design first?

Jeni: It was absolutely inspired by my vintage pyrex and enamelware collections.  I have pieces in every room of our apartment (even the bathroom, hehe!), so I see them all the time.  When it came time to design my first collection, it was a no brainer to use those pieces as a starting off point.  I designed the Kitchenette print very early on, but they all evolved between the time I started and the time it was launched!

Me: How did you decide which colorways to use for your fabrics?

Jeni: I worked closely with Pat on narrowing down prints and especially when it came to deciding on colors.  I knew I wanted to stick to classic retro colors, and we added twists with punches of orange, turquoise, and a bit of purple! Kitchenette in Apple features shades of green, and it grounds the entire collection, since green is found throughout all three color ways.

Me: Your blog is hugely popular. How do you feel that blogging led to other opportunities for you creatively?

Jeni: You’re sweet! I think blogging has absolutely opened doors for me.  It’s given me opportunities to contribute to books, teach, and definitely led me to designing with Art Gallery Fabrics.  I’m still tickled pink that so many people enjoy reading my blog!

Me: I know this is new for you, but what is the best part of being a fabric designer?

Jeni: Favorite part? Sewing with the fabrics! Since I’m still very new at designing, I feel more in my comfort zone behind the sewing machine.  I am SO excited to receive advance yardage and show off the great ways you can use Color Me Retro! 🙂

Jeni’s booth in the Art Gallery section at Quilt Market perfectly went along with her fabrics. The quilt and the kitchen accessories in the form of oven mitts and an apron were just spot on! I loved them, and you can definitely visualize them coordinating perfectly with your favorite Pyrex!

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