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Sew Sweetness Aeroplane Bags sewing pattern

Today, I’m really excited to reveal the Aeroplane Bag PDF sewing pattern (also available on paper), available right now in my pattern shop! This is an intermediate-level pattern, and the instructions are for 2 different sizes (regular and long). My goal for this pattern was to have a bag that wasn’t extremely difficult, but was a rather large size for packing all your clothing and essentials for a weekend trip (or, as one of my testers found out, the large size does indeed fit a sewing machine, complete with all of your sewing supplies!).

I made this bag using Color Me Retro by Jeni Baker for Art Gallery Fabrics. This is a bright line with a vintage appeal that is perfect for so many things from clothing to quilts! Can’t you just imagine your kitchen done up in accessories made out of these fabrics?! It’s out now in your favorite quilt shop, so get it before it’s gone!!

Here’s my long-version of the bag, and my sewing machine fits inside with room to spare! I like putting stickers on my machine, and you can see my Melody Miller stickers poking out, and there’s my trusty Aurifil thread. I use 40wt thread to sew bags, and this is the only thread I’ll use! My machine loves it, I love it, and my bags love it. 🙂 bag1

Here I am, all ready to go on a trip with my two Aeroplane Bags! These suckers hold a *ton* of stuff. Bring your sewing machine and pack enough clothing for your next weekend sewing retreat!

This Echino patchwork was my first prototype of this pattern…I sewed the whole thing and then ripped it all apart because I had some more tweaking to do on it before I made the real versions. 🙂

This set of bags is perfect for travel. Available in two sizes (regular and long), you will be able to pack a few days worth of clothing and essentials inside! The bottom of the bag is sturdy, and the top zipper is easy to install (if you have made a zipper pouch before, you will be able to do this easily!) – no hand sewing necessary!
The pdf pattern includes 13 pages of sewing instructions, complete with 28 step-by-step color photos.
Finished Size:    Regular 15-1/2” long x 17-1/2” tall x 6-1/2” deep                                                                                                                                                                                              
                           Long  18-1/2” long x 14-1/2” tall x 8-1/2” deep
Supplies Needed to Make This Bag (the supplies needed in this list will make 1 bag, either the regular or long bag)
3/4 yard of Exterior Fabric A (for top half of bag)
1/2 yard of Exterior Fabric B (for bottom half of bag)
1/4 yard of fabric for the straps
1 yard of Lining Fabric
1/2 yard of fabric for the zippered pockets
3 yards of Pellon® SF-101 Shape Flex® fusible woven interfacing (or lightweight fusible interfacing)
1 yard of By Annie’s Soft and Stable™, available at local quilt shops or on-line
(Soft and Stable is a 1/8” thick, foam sew-in interfacing; one of my testers also recommends automotive headliner fabric in place of the Soft and Stable; you can also substitute a needled fleece fusible interfacing for the Soft and Stable, such as Pellon #TP971F Thermolam Plus fusible interfacing)
3/4 yard of Pellon #70 Peltex sew-in interfacing (or an extra-heavy sew-in interfacing)
26” sport zipper for size long, 24” sport zipper for size regular (a sport zipper is a thicker, separating zipper)

Two 12” zippers (or a longer zipper may be used and trimmed down after sewing)

The great thing about this bag is that there is no hand sewing required! I’ve created darts at the top of the bag to give it its three-dimensional shape, and large gussets at the bottom make it oh-so-roomy!

Thank you once again to all of my pattern testers for their hard work! They worked out all the kinks and helped me ready this sewing pattern for all of you to make and enjoy! I think you’ll agree that their Aeroplane Bags are pretty exceptional!

Bernie, as ever, is the over-achiever, as she made not one but *two* Aeroplane Bags. And not only that, but they are both pieced and quilted! Besides being utterly gorgeous, Bernie told me that her daughter uses the long bag to take the sewing machine to her sewing classes! So wonderful Bernie, I can’t even say how much I love both of these!!

Kelleigh made this super super awesome rainbow-chevron striped bag. Her husband said she looked ready to head to the beach! Kelleigh is going to take this beauty along on her sewing retreat in a few weeks!

Tiffany of This Crafty Fox made this jaw-dropping bag out of Melody Miller fabric. Gah! She pieced the front and back of the bag. I might need to steal this one. Tiffany blogged about her bag here.

Liana made this gorgeous bag in a fun ‘dream vacation’ print from Hobby Lobby and some beautiful coordinating dots and gingham-print! Her bag is so beautifully put together, I just love it!!

Corrina of Another Thing Off the List made this great spring bag in Sandi Henderson fabric, with some fabulous dots for the bottom of the bag. She made the long version of the bag, and it looks just perfect! Great job Corrina!

Julie made this seriously awesome version of the Aeroplane Bag in chocolate and warm-colored fabrics. It’s just beautiful, and I love this long version of the bag!

Peta made this very fashion-forward bag in a large zebra-print fabric! I love the tapestry-looking texture to the main print, and the large white zipper at the top of the bag. Fantastic work as always, Peta!!!

Nancy was the first one to finish and she gleefully e-mailed me this photo and told me to say hi to Mr. Sock Monkey!! What a fun bag, and perfectly assembly, it looks so sleek!

Holly made her bag with fun British-themed fabrics. She said that she used fusible fleece for the body of the bag; she spent one evening cutting an fusing, and a separate day sewing, and she noted that the bag went together quickly. Fantastic job on your bag Holly!!!

Vanessa made this darling bag in Little Kukla fabric. I can’t get over how adorable this bag is!! It was a great choice pairing this fabrics with the brown straps too, as I feel it really allows them to shine! Fantastic job Vanessa!!

Kelly of My Scrappy Stuff made this wonderful version of the regular-sized bag in Lizzy House ‘Constellations’ fabrics. Instead of the Peltex interfacing that is called for in the pattern, Kelly suggests an alternate (4 layers of Decor Bond) in case you don’t have any Peltex handy. Wonderful job Kelly!!

Dianne made this awesome bag using a neutral main print, and vibrant orange bottom of the bag. I think it looks especially fantastic with the contrasting straps! Great job Dianne!

Mary made her bag in a bright corduroy, and she added some nice detailing to the bag, like the little pocket (superior fussy-cutting on that one!) and by breaking up the straps with some purse hardware!

Nanette of Yeah I Made That made the long-size bag in a great Amy Butler home dec fabric (gosh the AB home decs are always sooo good!). It’s really lovely with the charcoal gray straps and bottom!

Yvette made her regular-sized bag with some Charleston Farmhouse fabrics and a gray textured fabric for the straps. I love that the bottom of the bag is such a graphic print. Wonderful job Yvette!!

Marti from 52 Quilts made this gorgeous version in chocolate and text fabrics! The rounded top of the bag looks so wonderful on this one!!

Sally made this great textured bag with ‘Juggling Circus’ by Zen Chic. Great work on this regular-sized version of the pattern, and Sally has said she will be bringing this bag with when she goes on a cruise (lucky girl!!!).

Samantha from Handmade By Mrs H (she also sells great pdf bag sewing patterns at her site!) made this bag (or the massovional, as her husband calls it) with a vintage red chambray! Wonderful job on the bag, and I thought I would show you her great side view on this one!

Maria of Beautiful Blooms made this chocolate-colored bag with some cool print straps! She used fabrics from Dena Designs, and I thought this one came out just beautifully!

Fiona, Fiona…what can I say!! Fiona was another tester who made TWO of these bags! Fiona made the pink button bag for her daughter, and the blue sailboat bag for her son. What lucky children!!! Great job Fiona!

Alyson from The Hasty Quilter made this fabulous version in Amy Butler fabric, with a great striped bottom! I love the great large print of her bag and the care she took in fussy-cutting the front of the bag! Awesome work on your bag Alyson!!

Liz from Moments… made this lovely bag to match the fabrics that she used to test my Petrillo Bag sewing pattern. She’s going on a sewing retreat at the beginning of April and wanting a matching set of travel bags! What a great idea, and notice that she did some lovely quilting on the front of her bag too!!

Teresa from The Lily Rose Boutique made this smashing bag in citron and gray. These definitely appear to be the colors lately! I think it’s a fab pairing of solid, print, and texture! Wonderful job Teresa!

Joyce of Sew Bo Bo made this beautiful polka dot version of the regular-sized bag, and the top and sides of her bag look just perfect! Click here to read more about Joyce’s bag on her blog!


Thank you so much to all of my testers for all of their hard work! So many of the testers told me that they were using their bags for sewing retreats, vacations, and cruises that are coming up in the next couple of weeks, so I was so happy to see that their bags would be put to use right away!! Like this pattern? Visit my pattern shop and pick up your very own Aeroplane Bags sewing pattern!!

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