Happy Land Rebecca Dress

This post is part of the Sis Boom Rebecca Dress Sew Along! For complete details, click here!

Monique from Monique’s Stitches is not only the biggest Sis Boom fan that I know, but she also has a hugely popular Etsy Shop where she creates quilts and custom bedding. Click on over and see what a master she is at fabric selection!! Today she is sharing her Happy Land Rebecca!

Thank you, Sara, for letting me guest blog! I will still say that I am a beginner clothing sewer even though I have quite a few clothing patterns under my belt. I honestly think my brain doesn’t think inside out and backwards & that’s really what a clothing sewer does. Sara is gifted at that & I love that she encourages others to just go for it! 
I knew I wanted to make the Rebecca dress when I first saw it. This is for sure my style! I wear a cardigan all the time and my hot pink one will look great with this style. I told Sara I’d like to join so that I could get this dress done in time for Thanksgiving. Nothing like a deadline to get a project finished!  I chose Eloise in brown from Jennifer Paganelli’s Happy Land line. Overall, the instructions were super clear as usual with lots of pictures, which helps me a lot. A beginning clothing sewer can attempt this one. I love the style of the bodice and the way it fits on me.

 I did not have any problems with the width of the skirt or tightness . It is comfortable to walk & sit. My husband said, “Wow!” When I walked out with this dress on. Just love his feedback!

 I decided to ‘frankenpattern’ because my bottom is bigger than my top. Ahem. All those frankenpattern directions are given if your bust is bigger than your hips, or vice versa. Basically, have you cut down the skirt a little bit starting with the top of the skirt to about mid skirt. I did too much of an angle and ended up with a ‘bump’ right where my hips are. I went back and re angled and cut the sides of the skirt in a more gradual way and the fit was great! 
I can definitely envision more of these dresses. I just need to get out my cardigan collection and match them with fabric!

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