Quilt Market Dress #1: Vinyl Records

So I was doing nothing on the computer right before the weekend, when I realized out of the blue that I didn’t have anything to wear to Quilt Market this week. Can’t wear something that I’ve already worn there, can I?! Nope.

Thank goodness for the “garment stash”. Yes, I do have a portion of my stash dedicated to 2-3 yard cuts of fabric. Just in case. So the Melody Miller Records saved the day. If you don’t have any of the Ruby Star Vinyl line, these fabrics are very light and soft…different from the canvas-weight that the other fabrics (like the Typewriters) are like. I was super-pleased as I started sewing it together, as I could just imagine how comfortable it would feel like to wear! The records on this fabric are life-sized 45’s! How cool is that!

The sewing pattern used to make this dress was my most favorite, the Serendipity Studio Monique Dress. I’ve made, oh, half dozen of these dresses now? It’s such a classic cut and by now I’m not even having to read the instructions, I can pretty much function on auto-pilot, lol.

I had enough fabric that I was able to swap in a circle skirt. Because I did not make a contrasting waistband, I used a great chunky green belt that I got at the thrift store some time ago but had yet to use.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a second Quilt Market dress!

22 thoughts on “Quilt Market Dress #1: Vinyl Records

  1. Oh, what a great dress! That pattern has always looked wonderful on you, and this version is just toooooo fun! Lucky you, getting to go to Quilt Market. Have a great time!

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