Quilt Market – Heather Ross/Echino

There were a few sample garments at Quilt Market made from Heather Ross’s new fabric line for Kokka called ‘Nursery Versery’. I don’t have a swatch card, but you can see some of the new fabrics here.

You probably know that I am a GIGANTIC Echino fan…I almost missed this booth and I don’t know why! It was behind Melody Miller’s booth, which I visited several times.

The new prints feature some dots, animals, and damasks. The damasks, if you are familiar with older Echino fabrics, are similar to the older damask, except that one had more animals in it than this one does. The colorways come in green, pink, purple, and black. I will be needing every single color of that one.

There were some great laminates at the booth. There is a great cameo print, with animal heads in the middle of the frames. Pretty cool.

There is also a large-scale zebra print that’s pretty awesome.

The dot prints are pretty cool, as the dots alternate with deer heads, and the deer heads are wearing glasses. Way cool.

Many of the Echino in recent years has been printed on a canvas weight fabric, but the new Echino has a much lighter hand. A tad bit heavier than quilt-weight cotton, but not much. Will be great for many projects, from bags to garments. Yes, this is another line that I must have one of each. :-)

6 thoughts on “Quilt Market – Heather Ross/Echino

  1. I just wanted to tell you that I have really been enjoying your Market reviews. Your pictures are awesome. Your descriptions are great! It makes me feel like I am there. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  2. yes!!!! count me in- i was just popping in to ask if you would be considering another Echino swap. I have plans to make a huge picnic blanket and would love to participate again. AND- this looks like it could be my favorite echino collection so far.

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