Purse Palooza: Review of The Lindsay Tote

How exciting!!!! The first day of Purse Palooza !!!!! WOOHOO!!!!
Imagine my further excitement when I found out this was not a blog hop and I posted this on my blog  My Go-Go Life *BLUSH* 
So, here it is on the correct blog and many apologies!!!!!
This post is part of Purse Palooza 2012.
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My original intent was to make the Urban Jungle Bag by Sara on Pellon’s Pellon Projects site but…I had some AMAZING good fortune and was invited by the incredibly talented and kind Laurie Tigner @ontheqt to come to International Quilt Market and work at her booth. That changed my whole schedule ( in a REALLY great way)and so I decided that the Lindsay Bag found on Pellon’s site here as a FREE tutorial was a better choice for me.
I made this bag before about a year ago and I decided to make it again for a few reasons. One is that I think it is a great bag for beginners, if you think you are not a bag maker, try this one and it may change your mind. It does not use the heavy duty interfacing so it is not difficult to handle. There is very little hand sewing and this can be completed in a short amount of time.
This bag also has some possible additions that make it a more custom bag . Last year I added a zipper pocket to the bag I made. I like that extra security in some of my bags. This year I decided to leave out the snap. It is our library bag so I do not need the snap. If you add pockets to both the inner sides it could be a great diaper bag. Many possibilities in one great design!
It is a downloadable pdf file from Pellon that can be found here.The written instructions are very good. I read through them first to make sure I had at least an idea of what has being asked before starting the bag. The most difficult part for me was sewing the corners on the bottom of the bag but I am sure that is just a me thing and will get better with practice.
I made my Lindsay Bag with a fabric from Spoonflower.  This is my first Spoonflower fabric and I am so far very impressed.  It washed up beautifully with no fading and very little shrinkage. It has a nice feel. You can find the vintage tv fabric here. The inner is Alexander Henry Abbey Road.  The red is Kona and I am not sure of the actual red but I bought it at my local Joann’s.  I used Pellon 808 Craft Fuse for the entire bag with the exception of straps and inner pocket where I used 987F Fusible Fleece.  The Craft Fuse is my new favorite interfacing and I want to use it in EVERYTHING!  It is such a great weight and gives such nice body to the fabric without being too stiff or difficult to work with…I give Pellon a complete THUMBS UP on this product!
The inner tote
Here is the inner of the bag after we went to the library. Lots of book space and was very comfortable to carry!
I hope you will try this bag and some of the others that will be presented in the next month at Purse Palooza!!!! And don’t forget the giveaways!!!!!
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