Talkin Tuesday…be there TOMORROW!

I just wanted to share with you that I’m sponsoring Talkin Tuesday tomorrow on Twitter. It’s a live Twitter chat, and there are fun topics every week (my favorite was 2 weeks ago when we talked all about sewing/quilting books). The discussions are usually lively, and centered on questions asked by the host, Cara, and then everyone answers and conversions sometimes veer off in other (always interesting!) directions.

If you are not on Twitter, it’s free to sign up. I know, I know. Last summer I wasn’t even on Twitter, and I thought, ‘How ridiculous, I’m not doing this…it’s just the next online fad, like Facebook.” Well, I caved. I said the same thing about Instagram, and guess what, I got on there 2 weeks ago too. Ha!

Anyway, the host on Twitter is Cara Quilts, and you will want to follow her (there’s a button that says ‘Follow’ at the top of her page), as she is the one who asks all the questions. You can also find more detailed Talkin Tuesday User Instructions right here.

So I’m the sponsor tomorrow (notice that there are two different chat times, one in the afternoon and one in the evening), which means I’ll be giving away tons of bag PDF sewing patterns from my shop. Also, I may or may not be bringing along a secret sponsor (cough, cough Pellon). This is my Twitter handle, friend me and I will friend you back so I can see all the great answers you are giving in the chat. 😉

So will I see you at the chat tomorrow?! I hope so!!!


3 thoughts on “Talkin Tuesday…be there TOMORROW!

  1. I’m totally excited about this! I hope to catch a bit of the earlier time as well as the evening time. :) I hope one of the questions is about “the magic in the middle” I <3 pellon!

  2. If you are on Twitter or you are thinking about getting a twitter account, you could join in on the chats on Tuesday nights. Hop over and check out what it is all about at Talkin’ Tuesdays.

    Irene of Litecubes

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