If you know Thomas Knauer Sews, you know that his fabric is known for well-thought-out themes and bold colors. His latest line, ‘Asbury’ contains images of vintage theme park, everything from ice cream cones to bumper cars. Across more than one of his lines, these fabrics have appeared, which are called Jellybeans (pictured above). I know Thomas hates the word ‘blender’, and sometimes I call blender fabrics monochromatic, since many of my blenders are actually monochromatic colors, but as you can see, these pair more than one color. Maybe we can call them small volume prints? Haha. 🙂 Call them what you will, but they’re pretty amazing to use in your projects!

Although I already debuted my Accordion Bag pdf sewing pattern earlier this month, I wanted to re-visit this bag as part of the Jellybean-athon. Right when I got the jellybean fabrics, I knew they would be perfect for the pleated flap on this bag. When laying out the fabrics for the flap, I tried to organize them more or less into a ROY G. BIV pattern going from right to left. The white piping on the flap makes the fabrics stand out even more, I think. The fabric on the body of the bag is also from ‘Asbury’; it’s my favorite print from the line.

Here are Thomas and my friend Kim posing with the Accordion Bag at QuiltCon in the Andover Booth. And they are standing in front of his fabrics there on the right…’Asbury’ just recently hit stores, so you really must get some (and get some of the jellybeans for your ::ahem:: blender stash). Thomas was one of the lecturers are QuiltCon…I always miss his lectures for one reason or another. Which makes me kind of upset, because I heard his was one of the best lectures at QuiltCon.

Haven’t had your fill of jellybeans yet? I know…they’re pretty sweet, aren’t they? Here are the other stops on the Jellybean-athon in case you’d like to visit!

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Feb 28: Sara Lawson
March 1: Rachael Gander
March 2: Rashida Coleman-Hale
March 3: Heide Mueller-Hatton
March 4: Audrie Bidwell
March 5: Kim Niedzwiecki


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