Prep for Sewing Summit Classes

Sewing Summit is over a week away…I can’t believe how fast it’s gotten here! That means I have halted all other sewing and begun prepping for my two classes…I’m teaching ‘Advanced Bags’ and ‘Zippers’. I have not taught any classes before, so I’m a bit nervous, but I had a great time cutting out and labeling all the Pellon interfacing charm squares for ‘Advanced Bags’, so I think I’m beginning to relax a bit.

I know they all look the same in the photo…but just *wait* until you feel them all…it will become clear, I promise! You’ll be like a freaking interfacing ninja!

Here’s a peak at my little interfacing charm pack…10 different Pellon products that you might use when making a bag. The possibilities are always so exciting to me!! Interfacing will just be part of this class, but I know that a lot of people are anxious to talk about interfacing ’cause I’ve been following along in the Sewing Summit google group. I’ll have to see how many bags I can fit in my suitcase…wouldn’t it be ridiculous if I had one suitcase with only bags inside of it? lol!! I told Pellon that they needed to make said charm packs available on a regular basis…they’re super convenient, and you can whip ’em out in the fabric shop and all. Ka-pow.

Lovely Erin, the organizer extraordinaire of Sewing Summit, finagled all these supplies for the ‘Zippers’ class…I know it doesn’t look like a lot, but that’s almost 150 zippers (regular and invisible) and many many yards of scraps. Wanna guess where the scraps came from? I was told they are from none other than Joel Dewberry himself!! Thank you so much, Mr. Dewberry! Honestly, these “scraps” make me giggle…each “scrap” is enough to make a bag.

I’m sewing all my zipper samples tomorrow night (get ready, Zipper people! 4 different zipper applications, plus if there’s time we’ll also get to the recessed zipper! When you are done with this class, you are gonna be eating zippers for breakfast! And they thought they were such bad boys). Then I will be taking the rotary to these scraps and *really* turn them into scraps…there is no time for cutting in my class, the sewing machines will be whirin’!

If you are playing from home, never fear, I will be getting all this together to present it so you can check it out on my blog! Yay!

14 thoughts on “Prep for Sewing Summit Classes

  1. Sooooooooo excited for your advanced bag class – the interfacing information and everything else!! Wish I could have gotten into the zippers class too but I’ll be interested to hear what others learn from you!

  2. I have much to learn about interfacing. I love the way it makes a bag look. But, I wish I could hire someone to apply it for me! It’s so tedious to me. If they only had a bigger, rectangular shaped iron! And going to Joann’s to pick it out is a daunting task! Good luck on teaching the class!

  3. I’m really looking forward to the zipper class! 20+ years sewing and I’ve only tried zippers three times – I’m ready to get over my fear of zippers :)

  4. labelled interfacing charms – inspired. I always mean to do this every time I get new interfacing. What happens in reality is I stick it in the drawer then go to make a bag and am like er which interfacing is that – do I have it and if so which one is it?

  5. Without meaning to sound terribly rude, I need to have a feel of your charms for comparison purposes with Vilene. That sounded so wrong…

    I haven’t prepped my fabric for my class yet, but I have finished your bag and my TP quilt :oD

  6. I wish I’d gotten into your zippers class! I will try not to accost you in the hallways and make you teach me, but I can’t promise anything. 😉

  7. I was about to start crying for not being on your classes until I read you’ll share on your blog… YAY!!! I am a happy girl…

    I’d love that Pellon sold those charm packs, too! I live in Cancun, and am somehow overwhelmed with what to use and when… I can’t wait to get my little hands to get one of those charm packs…

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