Tula Pink Sew Along: Cloudy Days

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Tula Pink Sew Along

Today’s guest post is from Lisa at That Crazy Quilty Girl. Lisa is a long arm quilter, and between quilting some *amazing* things for her customers and teaching national classes, she also has time to create some crazy good stuff for herself.

Hello!  Today is my turn for a little wordy/quilty goodness in the Tula Pink Sew Along!
Now I don’t want to incriminate anyone, but I didn’t technically choose which pattern I’d be talking about today.  Sara chose it for me, and I really couldn’t say no because I had already made it three times!
I’m going to tell you about Cloudy Days, from Tula’s book, Quilts From The House Of Tula Pink.

Hmm.  Okay.  Let’s try that again ten minutes later without the nosy cat.

That’s better!

I have to admit that I’m lucky to have a (signed) copy of this book.  During her book signing at Spring Quilt Market, I was busy working in the GenQ booth, but a lovely friend of mine was sweet enough to go grab a copy for me!

At Market I also happened to get a bundle of one-yard cuts that I thought would be perfect for this quilt, and I already knew that I wanted to use dark blue for the background fabric.
I can’t tell you how accurate the fabric requirements in the pattern (3/4 yard of eight prints, 5 yards of background) are, as I made three smaller versions for a class I’m teaching next year.  If you make this quilt exactly as the one in the book, you’ll have a 72″x95″ snuggle monster.

I think that the pattern instructions were pretty easy to follow, and it went together semi-quickly.  I’d say this is probably a beginner-to-intermediate skill level pattern.  You basically cut rectangles, cut the rectangles into other shapes and then sew it all back together.  No specialty notions are needed.  I used my 8.5×24″ ruler and it did the job, though I did have to fold some of the blocks in half (the large rain drops).  There is a lot of sew-press-trim to it, so you have to have a little patience in that regard.  And for the record, I highly recommend pressing your seams OPEN to avoid bulkiness!  For this quilt, you also do pretty much all of your block construction sewing on the bias, so you’d need to be mindful of not stretching or warping your fabric as you sew.  But the blocks are basically fool-proof as you sew them together and then trim them to size.

One thing I did do differently than what the pattern said was the wedges that make the top part of the rain drop.  The diagram says to do it like this:

Doing it that way didn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me.  So I flipped my wedges in the other direction and that worked a lot better.  (Is it because I’m left handed?)

I couldn’t wait to quilt up the first one!  The other two are still in a ginormous pile waiting to be quilted, but that doesn’t matter.  The lovely ladies at Pellon sent me samples of their Legacy line of battings, and for this quilt I used their 3/8″ loft polyester.  I’m in love!

If anyone’s ever wondered about my photography skills, these pictures should pretty much make up your mind.  But the quilt looks rad?!

Sara stole this photo from Lisa’s blog; it’s a class sample for MQX.
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