Book Review: Quilts from the House of Tula Pink

If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you’ve probably seen some Tula Pink-related things, so it should be no surprise that I am completely and utterly in love with her book, Quilts from the House of Tula Pink.

A quilt book has to do a lot to impress me. It’s got to have beautiful and bright fabrics that I like (check), designs that I have not seen in a dozen other quilt book (check), as well as great instructions and illustrations (check and check).

Let me break down the book a little more, and then I will tell you about my favorite quilts from it. The initial chapters discuss some techniques used in making some of the projects, such as assembling half-square triangles, scrappy fusing (which is really fun and haven’t seen in other quilt books I own), and binding. So you really cannot go wrong if you are new to quilting; if you aren’t, you will definitely enjoy the intricate quilt designs on some of them, such as ‘Grand Salon’; with it’s fussy-cut squares that look like they are portraits hanging on the wall, this one is really special.

The best part is the discussion about choosing fabrics, color schemes, and layouts for your quilts, including how to make the most impact during the actual quilting process. It was also really fun to check out how Tula Pink designs fabric…the specific steps were really interesting to me, and I had no idea how much work was really involved! She illustrates steps on how she designed the frogs from ‘Prince Charming’, and it was just fabulous!!

Fairy Tale Lane

The book comes with instructions for 10 actual quilts, as well as 10 accessory projects. The accessories included are a cuckoo clock, shower curtain, shadow catcher (which is very similar to those silhouette profile pictures that people make, especially of kids), a lampshade, sleeping mask (totally cool!), sketchbook cover, and 4 pillows.

Dream Weaver

I am ready to start the ‘Dream Weaver’ quilt pattern (pictured above) next weekend, as soon as my Tula Pink ‘The Birds and the Bees’ arrives in the mail! I just adore that quilt in those fabrics. So I’ve already been poring over the instructions (since I can’t start right this minute, it’s about all I can do), and I honestly have no question about what I’m supposed to be doing. Actually, the ‘Dream Weaver’ would be a great beginner quilt pattern…straight cuts, straight rows. Isn’t it so pretty? I’m going to make the ‘Color Bars Body Pillow’ from the book to match my quilt.

Cloudy Days

If you love this ‘Cloudy Days’ quilt pattern as much as I do, can you image how cute it would be as a shower curtain?? The book gives instructions on how to make this quilt pattern as a shower curtain, complete with see-through sheet plastic windows in the shape of some of the raindrops…totally cute and creative!!!

If you’re interested in the book, you can check out more page examples from it over on Amazon. I’m completely stoked that I own a copy, and you’d have to pry it from my hands, I’m seriously not giving it up. This book is WELL worth the value, and all my quilting friends, even the more experienced ones, have commented to me on how innovative the designs are (there is a free-form quilt called ‘Shattered Glass’ near the end of the book that’s really awesome), and how much Tula Pink has done for the modern quilting world.

Also a tiny little psst….I’ll be announcing a Tula Pink Sew Along in a few weeks, which features all of her quilt patterns and book patterns, so stay tuned!!

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