Tame Your Bobbins

So, my little bobbin case usually doesn’t bring me much pleasure. I grab a bobbin and shut it before I can see the disarray.

However, a couple of weeks ago, Rachel, got her bobbins under control with a package of tubing that she found at Home Depot. I thought it was such a great idea that I thought I would like to share (plus there is a cheaper way).

Cost of taming your bobbins: only 75 cents

On the weekends, I work at a pet store. Any pet store or aquarium store has 2 different sizes of flexible plastic tubing; you are looking for the larger size, which is 5/8″. This can be found in the fish section. The tubing usually has 5/8″ printed right on it, so you’ll know you’ve got the right one. It is available by the foot, and 1 foot should be plenty (I only needed to use half). The one foot of tubing cost me only 75 cents.

So when you get your tubing home (I used my debit card to buy mine because I don’t normally carry cash…must have been the lowest sale of the day, lol), you’ll want to cut it into pieces using your scissors, between 1/4″ – 3/8″…it doesn’t have to be exact.

Take one of your sections and cut a slit. Since the tubing is flexible, it will retain its curve.

Slip one of these handy plastic pieces around your bobbin. It will keep the thread nicely in place. I like this technique better than others I’ve seen (rubber bands, pony tail holders, etc.), because the tubing is clear, and you can still see the colors of the thread while the bobbins are in the box.

And here is my beautiful bobbin case now! FYI the little threads poking out are the bitty pieces of thread at the bottom of my wound bobbins, so this thread will not be tangling inside the bobbin case.

I haven’t finished a sewing project this weekend, BUT I did get something accomplished! Woot woot!


49 thoughts on “Tame Your Bobbins

  1. Wow! What a great idea! Thank you!

    I bought a case that holds thread and bobbins together on the same shaft – that way I never have to worry which bobbin thread belongs to which spool!

  2. I can’t wait to try this! I told my husband to pick up some tubing next time he was at Home Depot, and he actually said, “Wouldn’t that be easier to find at a pet store?” So next time the cat needs food, my bobbins will be organized.

  3. Thank you so much for the tip! I seriously need to dedicate some time to organize my sewing area and supplies. I think I’m going to add this to my list :)

  4. Great idea. Now, what would you suggest for keeping bits of ribbon and lace under control? I was given my great grandmother’s sewing kit last night and I need to sort out what’s there so that my sister and I can share it between us. There’s a shoebox that’s one big glorious tangle of things and half of them, if they were bundled at all, were bundled with elastic bands that have perished, so I’ve got to peel the shrivelled rubber away.

    The rest of it looks fairly easy to tidy – every possible colour of cotton on old wooden reels and a dozen boxes of buttons and beads, but the ribbons are looking much harder to control. It’s like Christmas! Katy (katyhoskyn@yahoo.com)

  5. good! good! good! good blogging, good idea! i got a card of small, fat, stretchy ponytail rounds [30-36] to use as bobbin bras and they work just fine. but using the tubing like you do means you can see the tread color though the tubing!

  6. I’ve used the toddler pony tail holders, but I have a hard time seeing what color the thread is… this idea is a perfect solution! Thanks!

  7. Thanks so much for this tip! I read it a while back, and finally got around to getting the tubing. I even got a better deal on it than you did… my husband picked it up from our local small-town store when he was getting some other stuff, and they just ‘gave’ it to him, as in FREE! :)

  8. Would you believe that I just bought a new bobbin case at Joann’s yesterday? Grand Opening, Woo hoo. I was putting my bobbins in and they were still messy. What to do? Then I saw your post. Genius! Thanks.


  9. I just got about 50 feet of tubing in 2 sizes at a yard sale this past weekend, for $1.00. I planned to use it for parrot toys, but now I have another project for them too. Thanks for the great idea. I think I will make up a bag of them as a little gift for my quilting friends.

  10. You are brilliant! Next pet store I pass, I’m going in to get some. I have two bobbin cases and I always worry about my cat getting thread because it’s very dangerous for them if they ingest it.

  11. Great idea. I am always looking to get my sewing more organized and this is great. But I am wondering what you used to cut the tubing with?

  12. I wonder if I cut it longer it would work on my small spools of thread. Never have liked any of the other fixes I’ve tried.

  13. I bought my tubing at Lowes, they also have a tool to cut the tubing. It is a Kobalt tool #0150944. I haven’t started making mine yet, but I am excited to get going on them. Going to make some for my daughters

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