Photography Week #1: Photo Tips from Quiltstory

Hi there, I am visiting from Quiltstory, a blog my sister Megan and I share.  Sara asked me to give some tips for good photography for quilts.  I learned photography about 5 years back because I wanted to get gorgeous photos of my kids.  Within several months I got good enough that people were asking my to take their family photos. I had a good little photography business for a while, but switched gears to my true love fabric,  and quilting.  I am so thankful I learned the photography skills I did, combined with a general knowledge of Photoshop you can get some amazing photos for your blog! I use a Canon 30D SLR, and Megan uses a Canon 20 D SLR. They are the bigger cameras with the lenses you switch out, but totally worth the cost for sure!
Main rules: 
1) NO FLASH, indoors and out
2) BE CREATIVE with your landscapes, angles
3) LEARN YOUR CAMERA I learned  just about everything from the Internet, blogs and forums.
4) PHOTOSHOP IS YOUR FRIEND same thing, learned everything online, just get the basics and you are good to go.

Use your landscape…like Meg did here. It is a lot more eye catching if you are able to use a great outdoor setting…
It doesn’t have to be straight on. Have fun with different angles, in this case it was super windy, but I loved the effect…

Get close ups…

A little bit of photoshop…
This is straight from the camera with flash, no photoshop. Okay photo, but not really eye catching right?
It was dusk, so I did the best with my manual settings, but didn’t have much time and this is what I got…
Same exact photo, but did an action in photoshop to remove the blueish tint, then brightened, sharpened and cropped. Much better photo!

Thanks for having me. Please come visit us at Quiltstory!

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