VIDEO: Types of Zippers

Today I’m talking about different types of zippers used in bag-making. I’ll also show you how to shorten a nylon zipper, and how to remove metal zipper teeth. Enjoy!

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5 replies on “VIDEO: Types of Zippers

  • Eva

    Would love to know the information for these videos but when a person has difficulty hearing a video is useless unless there is a way to read the information. Would love to know what is in these videos.

  • Donna C

    Good info Sara! I don’t purchase zips at craft stores, which are typically the ⅞ inch tape as I prefer to get the YKK #3 and 4.5 from Etsy. (What brand of #3 zips do you sell?) The tape on the YKK #3 is wider than ⅞. So far, they seem to work fine. I suppose I could get closer to the zipper tape when sewing if need be. 🙂


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