Dress Up Party – Pattern Review – Linden Sweatshirt

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Today’s post is from Ping of Peneloping.

SO MUCH LOVE for this pattern. It’s so simple and basic and takes about twenty minutes to put together.


The black one was my first attempt and it went together swimmingly. I’d previously cut out the pattern pieces for a Big 4 raglan sweatshirt pattern but quickly abandoned it when it was waay too big and also kind of fit heinously. I was able to salvage the fabric by just cutting the Linden pieces out of those pre-cut pieces (not kidding, I’d cut a size 6 and it was still ginormous). The fabrics are a sweater knit from Fabric.com and the leftover stretch lace from my Katniss dress from Hungerween.


The blue one is one of my favorite garments I’ve ever made and I actually had to give myself an intervention last week when I realized I’d worn it five out of seven days. Whoops. I used a French terry from Winmill Fabrics and some hand-stitched on some lace from Sewfisticated. I didn’t buy quite enough lace so I decided to stitch the lace onto the neckline on the back instead.



I cut a size 2 and it was spot on for the kind of cozy loungewear that you can totally get away with wearing to work. #secretworkpajamas I’ve only sewn the Archer and Linden from Grainline Studio but so far the sizing has been really consistent. If you’re looking for something super comfy that you’ll be swimming in, I’d size up at least three sizes. My only gripe with the fit is that the sleeves are a bit too tight to roll up past the elbow, but that’s an easy fix. I also love that Jen apparently has the same long monkey arms I do; hers are the only patterns where I never have to add length the sleeves.


For these two Lindens, I made zero modifications other than aesthetic ones like adding lace. I have so many more planned and I love how easy they are to incorporate into a wardrobe. Next up I want to try the shorter sleeved version. And appliqué-ing a word or phrase across the front. And maybe one with a separating zip up the back. The possibilities are pretty much endless.


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