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Joanna from Shape Moth is one of my favorite quilters, and she also has TONS of paper-piecing patterns available – check them out!

I’d like to say hallo to everybody following the Puse Palooza posts this year. My name is Joanna and  some of you may know me as Shape Moth. In last year’s Purse Palooza I reviewed Emmaline Bag pattern designed by Janelle@EmmalineBags. I was really happy with the pattern and the instructions so the first thing I did when I decided to join Purse Palooza this year was to look at the patterns at Emmaline Bags and see if there is anything new which I could make (I have a very ‘difficult’ taste for bags and I always search for this special ‘something’ in the design which would suit my fancy). When I saw Boyd St. Bowling Bag pattern I knew that it’s the next bag I’ll be making.

Now few technical details:
1. What fabric/supplies were needed to make the bag?
In addition to exterior and exterior trim fabric, lining fabric and interfacing, there are some extra supplies needed: zippers, D-rings, strap slider, purse feet and double-cap studs or speed rivets. I had to buy all the bag hardware as I didn’t have any at home, but it’s totally worth it, as the bag looks very professional when finished (you can get bag hardware in Janelle’s store, just to let you know).
I got exterior fabric from ebay. The colour and pattern are perfect, but for this kind of bag I would prefer a bit different thickness of the fabric (but that’s the disadvantage of buying something online; I guess something with wool or tweed would be very nice). 
For the exterior trim fabric I used super soft black leather from an old leather coat (it was hanging for so many years waiting to be thrown away… well, I prefer it much more in this version ;). Disadvantage of sewing leather on home sewing machine – when you fold few layers of it, sewing gets very, very tricky. 
For interior I used some quilting fabric which I had in my stash (I wanted dark interior). Next time though, I would use some special interior fabric, as cat hair stick very much to the quilting cotton (well, this is not the disadvantage of the fabric, but of having long haired cats 😉

2. What did you think of the illustrations and instructions?

The pattern is packed with photos and different variations of finishing the bag’s elements. That’s what I absolutely love in Janelle’s patterns (and without those I wouldn’t be able to sew a bag) – lots of photos, diagrams, very detailed step-by-step instructions and tips and tricks on the way. Most important thing to do – first read all the pattern throughly, then start to sew. 

3. Did you make any modifications to the pattern?
Nope. I sticked with the pattern as much as I could.

4. What Difficulty Level did you think this pattern was at?

Advanced. At least for me, but I’m not experienced with sewing bags. There are some tricky moments when sewing and attaching straps and joining exterior shell with interior. 
Overall impression – pattern is great and very professionally written! It took me ages to sew this bag, but it was worth the effort. If I would have to do it again, then only with Janelle’s pattern.
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