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Natasha from Houseful of Nicholes is a mom, sewist, and she *loves* making bags! Visit her blog to learn more about Natasha!
Hi! I’m Natasha from Houseful Of Nicholes and I am so excited to be a part of this year’s Purse Palooza. I’m a bit of a bag making junkie, and I love being able to make a bag for any event that I can think of. So far, I have about 15 different bags that I’ve made just for myself, and a ton of others that I’ve made for customers, and Erin Erickson’s (from Dog Under My Desk) Daytripper has been made a total of three times. It’s that awesome. It has a zippered outer pocket, along with two front pockets for things you may need to get to easily. The inside also boasts an extra panel full of pockets that you can customize to your liking. POCKETS, POCKETS, POCKETS! Plus TWO ZIPPERS! Score!
Dog Under My Desk Daytripper by Houseful of Stitches
 If you’re looking for a bag to carry around with you while you are traveling or touring your own city, this is definitely worth it. It’s big enough to carry a DSLR and a second lens, your wallet, keys, and other essentials! The strap is also adjustable, so if your a fun sized like me, it won’t be dragging by your knees.
 Dog Under My Desk Daytripper by Houseful of Stitches

For this bag, you need:
Main fabric:
1 1/2 yards
Lining fabric: 1 1/4 yards
20” woven fusible interfacing: 4 yards (Recommended: Pellon SF-101)
20” heavyweight sew-in interfacing: 1 1/4 yards (Recommended: Pellon 50)
Batting: 1 yard (Recommended: Pellon 988)
Hardware: 1.5” Adjustable slider & rectangle ring
Back zip: 18” or longer nylon zipper (Erin highly recommends YKK long pull purse zips.)
Top zip: 16” or longer nylon zipper
Size 90/14 Microtex/Sharp needles (Try a denim needle if you have trouble.)
Hand sewing needle
Matching thread
Rotary cutter & mat are extremely helpful
Sharp scissors to trim away batting and interfacing
Walking foot highly recommended Seam gauge helpful

From the list above I changed out –
Home Decor Fabric for Quilting Cotton Main Fabric
Thermoflam Plus for the Batting
Sewed the zipper tab on before completing the lining.

 Dog Under My Desk Daytripper by Houseful of Stitches

I first came across Erin’s patterns during a late night twitter chat as she was tweaking the pattern instructions for her Essential Wristlet. After chatting back and forth, she asked me if I was willing to test it for her, and a friendship was born! I love Erin’s patterns because her instructions are so clear, that even if you have never sewn a bag before, you’d be able to do it. I’m willing to bet my coveted box(es) of Pepsi on it. I was a lover of sewing zippers before I met her patterns, but I’m truly head over heels for them after seeing her installation tips. I love the way that she does her zippers so much, that I’ve altered other purse and bag patterns to use her way. It’s a very clean finish, and you don’t have any visible zipper tape once you’re done.

 Dog Under My Desk Daytripper by Houseful of Stitches

She includes a TON of photos, and by a ton, I mean a ton. You can also rest assured that even before releasing the pattern, she has sewn at least seven prototypes to catch anything that may confuse others. If you need proof, you should follow her on Instagram, or Twitter, which is where I met her after finding out that we both have an affinity for staying up way past normal hours to sew away. If I had to rate the pattern, I would say that a confident beginner would be able to do it. As long as you are okay with sewing curves, and KNOWING how to sew slowly around them, you should be okay.

 Dog Under My Desk Daytripper by Houseful of Stitches
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