Purse Palooza :: Pattern Review: While Baby Naps Day Clutch (and a giveaway!!)

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Jen from BettyCrockerAss is a prolific quilter. You can find some of her latest quilting projects on her left-hand sidebar. She also made the quilt and some clothes that was in Melody Miller’s booth at Quilt Market! How cool is that?!?

Hi all! I was so excited when Sara asked me to be part of her Purse Palooza 2012. I knew right away that I wanted to review the Day Clutch by While Baby Naps. I’d made it a few times before and really wanted to share with all of you how great it is.

I ending up buying the 2 tutorials with 6 patterns. The tutorials are really easy to read with tons of great photo’s. She also teaches you to make your own pattern which is usefully if you are using a vintage metal frame.

I bought her frames and I love them! They are different because the channel (where you put the fabric in the frame) is narrow. No rope require! It’s snug and so easy to do.

You’re simply taking this, and glueing it into the metal frame.

::Fabric and Interfacing::
If you buy the kit she offers, there is interfacing that comes with it. If you don’t, you can find/use any weight that you like. If you use a heavy weight canvas, you don’t need anything too thick. If you use lightweight fabric then you’d need something heavier to give it the body needed. This is all explained within the pattern!

I chose Japanese heavy weight linen/cotton for the out sides and regular quilting cotton for the insides. On this one, I used medium weight fusible fleece

This one, I used batting (Warm and White) and did a simple straight line quilting on the out side.

::Illustrations and Instructions::
As someone who’s not great at following instructions, I felt these were good. There are plenty of photo’s to help you along the way. But really, you need to read them. The first purse I did a year ago, I didn’t get the seam allowance right and it was all messy. She’s got so many tips that will help you be successful. SO READ!

The most modifications I did centered around the shape of the bag. Even though I followed the directions exactly, my bag didn’t come out shaped like the bag shown on the pattern.

See how it’s shaped more like an “A”. This can be fixed by simply boxing my corner more. However, I didn’t notice this until the end.

Luckily, I was making this at my Portland Modern Quilt Guild monthly sew day where my friend Kim suggested that I just poke in the corners and tack it down!

 I like it so much better now. For me the shape is much more appealing!

That got me thinking-or maybe it was Megan who got me thinking? What if I made the shape that I didn’t like into a feature of the bag?

So instead of boxing the corners on the out side of the bag, I left them.

And then added some awesome wooden buttons…

A whole new way to look at making a metal framed purse!

Now, the good part and your reward for reading through my review! Just leave a comment on my blog-www.bettycrockerass.com and let me know what your favorite thing you are sewing this summer! I’ll pick a winner on Monday June 25th-you’ll get to pick what bag you want!

Have fun sewing and remember, sewing is easy, what’s hard is making it look good!

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