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Hi everybody! My name is Joanna and I blog @ Shape Moth. It’s great to be among all the talented people which take part in Purse Palooza 2012! 
I chose Emmaline Bag pattern by Janelle @ emmalinebags.com. For quite a time I was searching for a shoulder bag which would look different than most of the bags, be a bit modern and big enough to fit all the things I carry with me. I spent lots of time on Etsy looking for a pattern and finally I found one which I instantly liked:

1. What materials are needed to make the bag? What type of interfacing did you use?

The pattern calls for canvas, home dec fabric or quilting cotton (if you use  quilting weight cotton, adding fussible interfacing is a must). I used canvas, so no fussible intefacing was needed. 
In addition to fabric, a zipper for the inner pocket is needed, magnetic snap closure, rectangular rings and a a clear template plastic for the bottom of the bag.

2. What fabrics did you use to make yours?

Outer fabric is Hometown Town Square Sky canvas and lining is made of Hometown Stone Grey Stripe. I love those fabrics – both colours and prints. Such bag will fit all my clothes 🙂

3. Pattern Pieces (how many required, was it easy cutting everything out?)

There are four template pieces to cut out – two different pieces for outer shell (one piece is cut x2 on fold, the other x4), one for bottom (cut in total 3 times from exterior fabric, lining fabric and a scrap piece) and one template for inner shell (cut x2 on fold). Plus some sqare/rectangulars for pockets and straps. I’m not a bag sewing profi so I would say there are many pieces to cut out, but it was easy to do. I used washable marker to draw all the outlines of the templates on the fabric and then cut all the pieces. If you have a directional print on the fabric you need to look in which position you place all the template pieces before cutting (there are helpful diagrams in the pattern).

Illustrations/Instructions (were the instructions easy to understand?
Were there step-by-step photos or graphics? Was anything unclear?)

I have to honestly say, that this is one of the best written pattern I had read. The instructions are very clear, there are lots of photos and all the steps are fully explained. Great work Janelle!

5. Modifications (what changes did you make to the pattern and why?)

The only tiny modification I made was placing the magnetic snap a tiny bit lower than was required. Instead of 1″ from the top, I placed it 1 1/4″ from the top. I have bought large magnetic snaps (18 mm) and wasn’t sure if they wouldn’t interfere with sewing the edge of the bag at the end if they are to close to it (1 1/4″ distance was a good choice).

6. Difficulty Level (beginner, confident beginner, intermediate, advanced)

I would say somewhere between confident beginner and intermediate, as you need to sew the zipper and some curves. 

7. Conclusion (any final thoughts about the pattern…did you enjoy it? Would you make it again?)

The pattern is great and worth it’s price. I will definitely sew another bag(s), but again using canvas or home decor fabric (I’m not patient enough to iron  fussible interfacing to the back of quilting cotton).

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