Purse Palooza :: Pattern Review: Betz White Hexie Hipster

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Laurie of On the QT – Quilting Tangents is new to blogging. However, you can see her quilts, quilt patterns, and read about her quilting awards on her website. She is also a long-arm quilter…is there anything that Laurie doesn’t do?! I had the great pleasure to meet her at spring Quilt Market, and she is so funny and sweet!!

Purse Palooza 2012

aka…my new “favorite bag”

Hi, I’m Laurie from On the QT – Quilting Tangents, a brand new blog. So, I was a little surprised that Sara asked me to review a pattern…. but it was fun!
Honestly, not being part of the blogging world, I had never heard of Betz White. Well, l do now, and I love her work!

On to the bag review:

The materials needed to make the bag:

6-7 different colored 1/4 yard pieces of 45″ wide fabric.
1/4 yard of 45″ wide fabric for Strap and Flap
1/2 yard of 45″ wide fabric for Lining
1 yard of 20″ wide woven cotten fusible interfaing
1 yard of 18″ wide cotton batting
Magnetic snap closure, 1/2″ diameter
Decorative Button (Optional)
Coordinating Thread

Well, looking through my extensive “stash”, I just couldn’t find anything that was suitable….hmmm…gotta go shopping!

Off to the quilt shop and they had new Hoffman Batiks in shades of coffee….I was sold! But since I dropped a small wad of cash on fabric when I have so many bolts at home….I decided to forgo the Magnetic snap closure and just put a button on it. Talk about cheap!

Back home to start the bag. After reading the complete instructions, I felt pretty comfortable, so I got started by cutting out all the pattern pieces. Pretty simple.

The instructions were very clear and easy to understand. The illustrations are very clear and labeled well. (I have been sewing most of my clothing since I was in 5th grade and that was….well…lets say, longer than Sara has been alive, plus a few years!) So really, it was hard for me to go step, by step, by step….but to review a pattern, you really have to. I am glad I did. I was so impressed by her logic in putting this bag together…Don’t let all the hexies scare you!

Modifications that I made to the bag:

Well, as I said, I put a plain old button hole on the flap and put a large black button on the front of the bag. Works great!

I also reinforced the pocket corners with an extra row of stitching before trimming the corners. Just something I always do. I also sewed a double row of stitching across the top of the pocket before I pinned and sewed the pocket in place. I like the more finished look of this.

I didn’t leave an opening in the middle of the strap for turning. The strap was wide enough that it was easily turned from the end openings.

The only change that I NEEDED to make was that the 1 yard of interfacing was just short of what I needed for the strap. But I just pieced some together and it worked fine.

Difficulty Level:

This is hard for me to say. I found the pattern so well written that I really think anyone with a bit of sewing experience could make it easily. So let’s call it suitable for a “very confident beginner to intermediate” sewer.

Betz, I loved this pattern. It only took about 4 hours to make, and there were a few phone calls and other interuptions in there. The second should go faster…. but the main thing is that it was fun watching that unusual hexagon puzzle piece turn into a pretty bag! I can’t wait to make it with some brighter, more unusual fabric! Quick and easy Christmas presents, maybe??

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