Pattern Hack – Filigree Double-Zip Pouches

Sew Sweetness Filigree Double-Zip Pouch pattern hack

This is a pattern hack of the Sew Sweetness Filigree Double-Zip Pouches sewing pattern. The modification to the pattern is to add handy pull tabs at either end of the zipper! While this tutorial is free, you’ll need to pick up the Filigree Double-Zip Pouches pattern in order to complete the rest of the case.

DEFINITION – Pattern Hack [pat-ern hack]: to modify or write a sewing pattern in a skillful or clever way.


This pattern hack was written by Amber of Roar House. Amber is amazing at bag custom orders, and I hope you’ll check out her shop or follow her on Instagram to see all of her creations!

Adding Pull Tabs to Filigree Pouch!

If you are like me, I love having a pull tabs to help me open zipper pouches! It adds a beautiful detail and makes grabbing those small zipper ends so much easier! Today I am going to show you how to add then to the awesome Filigree Pouch!

This tutorial works for all 3 sizes! If using vinyl, follow leather directions and if using waxed canvas use cotton directions (except leave out the SF101).

What you will need:

2 pieces of fabric 4” by 3” inches or  Leather 1”x3”

Interface the cotton fabric with sf101 according to manufacturer’s directions

If using Leather skip to the “Ready to Start” – no need to prep! It’s all done!


For Cotton: Fold the 4”x3” rectangle in half, short end to short end – finger press or iron –  so there is a crease in the center.


Next, fold the short end to meet the middle crease. Do the same for the other side. Then fold along center crease to conceal the raw edges of short side. Pin or clip to hold together.


Topstitch along each long edge 1/8”


Now you are ready to start!

Follow all directions up to step #32. Before stitching the ends closed, fold the tabs in half matching short ends and slip the folded side down into the slot between zipper tabs and side panel so that it is level with the edge.


Pin/Clip closed and sew as normal. I sew a second line of stitching just to make sure it is secure.

Turn right side out and enjoy your new very handy pull tabs!

Sew Sweetness Filigree Double-Zip Pouch pattern hack

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