Craftsy Month – Sewing With Knits

Craftsy review of Sewing with Knits
Craftsy review of Sewing with Knits
This post is part of Craftsy Review Month on Sew Sweetness. To see a schedule of all posts, click here! This post may contain affiliate links. Read the full disclosure here. Today’s post is from Natalie of Hungry Hippie. Natalie stitches an array of quilts, bags, and clothing! Check out her blog and follow her on Instagram!
Hi all! Have you heard of Meg McElwee of Sew Liberated? I would guess a resounding “YES” as she is ultra well known for her super cute books Sew Liberated and Growing Up Sew Liberated. Meg is a master of sewing, and her creativity and skill show through in this really useful class on Sewing with Knits. I think this is probably the most useful class I’ve ever taken on Craftsy. Usually I lose interest pretty quickly and go off on my own path, but this class is different. Each pattern and project was SO sew good I had to keep going. I jotted some notes along the way to help you decide if it’s for you.

A HUGE thank YOU to Sara of Sew Sweetness for including me in this Craftsy Review blog tour she’s hosting. There are loads of other bloggers reviewing all sorts of classes so you can get an inside view on a class you may be interested in. I love that!
In this class there are five  main projects that also morph into an additional three or four more:
(1) fleece hoodie, (2) basic scoop neck t shirt,  (3) v neck t-shirt, (4) swingy knee length skirt,
(5) shorts, (6) flow-y yoga pants, (7) surplice dress at the knee or (8)surplice dress at maxi length- you could also make this into a lovely (9) tunic.
As you can see, the patterns alone make this class an amazing value.
I opted to make the hoodie, skirt, scoop t-shirt, and surplice dress. After I find some knit suitable for pants I’m going to make those too- and of course a maxi surplice dress (I live in maxi dresses in the summer).
Each pattern comes with basic step directions and the PDF print out. You have to join the PDF pattern pieces together to make your pattern-I know this confuses a lot of people, but it’s so easy. Here is a good tutorial on how to do your PDF print out pieces.  You can Google it too if you need another viewpoint.  I almost always buy PDF patterns now because it’s instant-when I’m “in the mood to sew” I can buy/print/make all in one session.
I like to highlight my size before I cut my pattern out. For these makes, I made a size Medium. I was happy with the fit and feel, as I’m not into super body skimming in any way. (LOL)
I’m 5″4 and on most days somewhere between 120 and 135 pounds if you’re wondering on what size to make. Meg’s patterns are XXS through XXL = super nice!!
Meg walks you through each pattern, step by step in the videos. They are varying in length, but around 30-45 min is average depending on the complexity of the garment. NOTE–none of these garments are difficult- each one has very basic construction techniques so don’t worry about having to know special sewing skills. If you can sew a straight line, you can make these clothes.
I really like how the camera zooms in on techniques that I’m not familiar with, like the clear elastic trick around neckline and shoulder seams. I placed my laptop right beside my machine as you can see here, and sewed right along with her. I paused when needed. (Especially for M&M breaks.)
Or raw brownie dough breaks.
Don’t judge, you know you do it too.
The Projects
Fleece Hoodie
The hoodie was really fast. This stretch fleece is a bargain at Joann Fabrics, and the pink of course calls me – every time. The only thing I would change next time is to make my sleeves longer, because I like them to hit half way up my hand. I’d probably add thumb holes too, but that’s personal preference. It was a cinch to add the hood which I would never venture into normally. A kangaroo pocket would be easy to add on the front as well, if you desire.
Special materials: I used a thicker needle than I normally do (90/14). That’s it.
Scoop Neck T-Shirt
Who knew how easy a t-shirt is to sew?! I didn’t… or I wouldn’t have paid $20 for one at Banana Republic. Those days are over! This expanded my skill set with the neck band, the last tee I made was a hot freakin’ mess and I never went back to figure it out.
No figuring here–Meg walked me through it and it ended up perfect. I am so pleased with this, and doubly so when my husband saw me taking photos of it and said “you didn’t make that, did you? Wow.”
Yes I did make it.
And you can too!
I used stretch bamboo knit in dark Heather grey at – it has a lovely feel and washes and dries normally.
Special equipment: stretch needles (You can buy them at Joann Fabrics or online.) Use stretch needles for the remainder of the projects.
While I don’t personally notice a difference, the experts say it punches through the fabric differently and won’t make holes. Who am I to argue? I’ll do as told. Been there, done that.
Swing-y Skirt
This skirt has a comfy yoga style waistband (my favorite)- so of course I wore it to work the very next day. I love how it swings a little and hits right at the middle knee. The yoga waistband is so comfortable- nothing compares.
Now I have Sinead in my head.
Moving on.
Surplice Dress
This was my favorite make, maybe EVER.
In the history of the world.
Comfy, swishy, pretty, flattering to most body types, and passable for a day at the office, an art premier, or a lunch date with a famous socialite. I mean, you never know…
(Who am I kidding- you know I mean lunch date with the kids and art premiers at Kindergarten…)
The elastic trick at the waist is brilliant, you ‘ll have to take the course to learn it.  😉  Let’s just say it doesn’t touch your belly skin.  (Ewwe that would be gross — on a hot summer day, can you imagine?) Don’t worry, Meg teaches what to do.
Keep in mind:
1. I listened to Meg’s talky on different knit fabrics and her intro on double speed. Yes-you can do that on Craftsy! Isn’t that cool? There is a button at the bottom of the screen you click and it has options like double speed, slower speed, etc. I am not good at sitting and listening to somebody talk, so this is totally my problem.
Meg seems nervous in her introduction (30+ minutes) so I didn’t hang around long. She’s a Southerner (slow talker like most of my family- and I run on warp speed.) What I like is I can go back to sections like the discussion on different fabrics when I need to. That’s really nice.
2. Don’t be a judgmental beotch. This class was filmed in 2012, one of the first Craftsy offered. Keep that in mind when watching it- yes, it looks aesthetically a little “1998” but get over yourself okay?
3. The value of the techniques learned and the patterns provided is well over $30! You would pay at least $80+ for a day class to learn this stuff, and I’m betting they would only provide ONE pattern, not five.
4. Have your fabric ready because you are going to want to start sewing immediately. Wash and dry the knit fabric before beginning. I always buy 2 yards of 56″ knit rolls for each project, that way I don’t run out. Online lots of shops offer quality knit fabric, I like bamboo stretch or a rayon jersey blend depending on the look I’m going for. Transparency can be an issue, so ask before you buy if need be. None of the bamboo knits have been see-through for me.
5. Have FUN. That is the main point–learn, sew, try and try again. No matter what happens. Frustration is normal- but I do have to say I never felt frustrated because I “had Meg there with me” so to speak.
Money back guarantee.
10 HD videoes
Class support online
Bonus Cloth dyeing video
5000 students have taken this class!
What are you waiting for?

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7 replies on “Craftsy Month – Sewing With Knits

  • Anita

    Thank yoU, I’ve been experimenting with knits. I have to make a t-shirt I’m ready to wear outside of the house. I just might have to purchase this class.

    • natalie santini

      I’m not kidding-the FIRST try the t-shirt worked. You will be so loving this class. I posted a pic of me wearing this tee in my “active wear” today (LOL) on facebook. It’s that good. (Not my sewing skills I mean the fit, the neck line, etc.. Meg knows how to teach.)

  • janet

    loved your post, but no raw brownie mix for me. Bake it, top with ice cream and slap on some hot fudge. Now we’re talking.

  • Christine

    Okay, this has to be my favorite review on here so far! I love the way you write! This class has been on my want-to-buy list for a while. I’ve been wanting to learn to make t-shirts but kept thinking I didn’t have the time to start learning apparel. But you did all of those projects for one review!?! Yeah, definitely buying that class. Today. Since it doesn’t come with raw brownie dough or M&M’s, I’ll be heading to the store for those… 😉 Thanks for a great review!

    • natalie santini

      Yay Christine! You will love it–seriously. I went in thinking “I don’t know….” and came out a SERIOUS Meg McElwee fan. LOL! I can’t wait to see what you make. I’m on Facebook if you want to send a pic! <3 Natalie Santini/ or hungryhippie on FB


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