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Hi! I’m Kelleigh and I am happy to be joining the Purse Palooza this year.   I am reviewing my favorite bag pattern and my go to when I need a gift for a shower or holiday.  I have made 5 of these so far and am excited to share my review of the Aragon Bag by Sara at Sew Sweetness.


The Pattern

All of Sara’s patterns start with a comprehensive list of materials that you will need, right down to the iron.  They use materials that can be bought in most craft stores and lists alternatives to certain things, such as interfacing if you cannot find exactly what she is using in your area. If there is a hard to find item, such as a specialty clasp, Sara lists reliable sources for the item. The fabric requirements are enough to cover the bag but not so much that there is a ton of waste.  The cutting instructions are listed in a way that also minimizes waste.


All of her patterns are filled with step by step instructions supported by pictures for each step.  The pictures are in full color and include diagrams on the picture if needed for support.

If you have a laptop, it is easy to scroll through the pattern while sewing without printing off all of the pages.


Throughout the pages of instructions there are Helpful Hints listed in red. These hints give you an alternative way to make something or offer advice in a tricky spot.  At the end of each pattern, Sara lists her email address so that if you run into a problem you can email her.

The Aragon Bag

This pattern has 60 steps across 16 pages but don’t let that make your eyes cross!  Each step is detailed and has a picture. The font of the pattern is a good size so that you are not squinting to read each line while holding a bag full of pins in your hands.


This bag is a great size for me.  As a traveling teacher I have one for the classroom filled with books and toys for the lessons that I have planned for the day.  The side pockets easily hold a water bottle, pens and whatever else you may want to grab quickly.  The front pocket has a magnetic snap which stays closed giving me piece of mind when I put my keys in it.  The back zippered pocket is where I store my wallet and any papers that really should not be floating around in the bag with toys.

I have made this bag several times as a diaper bag filling it with diapers and wipes for the new moms.  The handles are nicely padded, the inside pockets hold and separate lots of stuff that a new mom tends to carry around and the inside zippered pocket adds to the two closed pockets on the outside.


Modifications to the bag

I have made this bag several times and have come up with several modifications that work better for me.

1)  Instead of the small rounded outer pocket, I have put the pocket right into the side of the bag.  I still put the flap over it for some decorative effects but I like that I can make that outside pocket much bigger if it is inside the lining.

2) I eliminated all of the nonzippered side pockets from this bag.  I don’t need them in this bag and my hands tend to catch in them when I am reaching for things.  I kept the water bottle pocket and the inside zipper pocket .

3) I install my lining differently than the pattern calls for as I am not a fan of the finish edges exposed on the inside.  I like them tucked inside the inside of the bag.  Hmmm, not sure that made sense. Hopefully you know what I mean.


That is the Aragon Bag.

It is listed as an intermediate level pattern and I agree with that estimation.  If you have made a bag or two in the past and are ready for a step up, this is the bag for you.  If you are a true beginner, you might have a few issues with the bulk of the seams with the interfacing. I love this bag and hope that you do too.

If you would like to see more pictures or to find the pattern at http://sewsweetness.com/shop/aragon-bag



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9 replies on “Purse Palooza :: Pattern Review : Sew Sweetness Aragon Bag

  • Cindy Sliker

    I was lucky enough to get this pattern plus all of the interfacing on Mass Drop, and have made a few already. I also changed the pockets to zippered ones, but it is definitely a “go to” bag pattern when you need a gift! Sara’s patterns are wonderful! I am so glad to have met her in person at Quilt Market this year, and “discovered” her talent!

  • Lori Morton

    LOVE this Bag! Yours is Gorgeous!!! Would love to make one for our Son & his Sweet Wife…a new Granbaby for us! Due this Spring!! Know they would love a cool Bag made just for them! 🙂

  • Cindy

    Love the bag. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “I install my lining differently than the pattern calls for as I am not a fan of the finish edges exposed on the inside. ” Do you mean that the raw edges show on the inside?


    • SonJa

      She probably means that she sees her lining completely shut and then leaves a gap at the top of the bag to use for turning and then sews that shut with top stitching. That’s how I do them too! When you leave a hole for turning in the bottom of the lining, you need to finish that seam from the top side, which does not look nearly as neat as leaving the opening for turning at the top seam.

      • Rusty Dameron

        PLEASE! Explain specifically how you are doing this. I’m in the middle of sewing this bag and need to make this revision

  • Jenna

    Hello! I would love to know how you have decided to put in your lining for this bag- I have made 3 and love them except for those exposed raw edges (and I HATE binding!) – any additional info would be much appreciated!


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