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pursepalooza2014This post is part of Purse Palooza. For contest rules, full details, and schedule, please click here! Today’s post is from Aylin of ayliN-Nilya.

Today it´s my turn on the Purse Palooza Blog Hop 2014 and I am totally flattered that Sara from SewSweetness asked me to participate. Of course I said YES immediately. And in this moment I already knew what bag I would make.

I have chosen the Poolside Tote from Anna by Noodlehead, because I needed a big bag for sports and shopping for ME and when I saw her pattern, I really wanted to make one. I finished the bag two weeks ago and it is in use every day since then.

The pattern

As the pattern says this pattern is rated for “advanced beginner with an adventurous Spirit” – I love the wording and I would agree, that the bag itself could be made easyly by advanced beginners. You need this adventurous spirit for the handle accents on top of the tote a little and a little bit more for the inner facing which makes the tote special.

This pattern has great pictures and very good explanations. You can get this pattern in Annas (NoodleHead) shop for 9$. All pattern pieces can be cut out in the origninal size and have to be glued together. I used some washi tape to put the pieces together, because I love the happy look of it.

The Supplies
The pattern says exactly what supplies you need to sew this bag. For us European / German sewer it is not that easy to chose the right interfacing, because we have other firms here. So I am asking out in the world, if there is someone having a summery comparing the different firms of interfacing and their products like Freudenberg (Vlieseline), Decovil, Pellon, Soft and Stables etc., I would be thrilled. This was the only problem for me – I have chosen the wrong interface for my canvas fabric – it was too thick, so I had no chance to fold the handles in half to follow the pattern, but my handle looks so professional in it’s thickness, that I am very content anyway.

I used fabrics from my stash: thicker fabrics for the outside – linen and canvas from IKEA – and a normal cotton for the lining and accent pocket from the market (don´t ask me for the designer, sorry). So my really big bag is stiff enough to stand by itself. I love that.


This is a fantastic big bag with lots of space.

I would always recommend to sew the Zipper pocket Version, because it is very easy, even for zipper beginners and a fantastic possibility to set some accent with great fabrics or some patched pieces. I am a bit upset that I didn´t follow my first instinct to add a pocket inside of the bag, because I love pockets. Maybe I will sew one inside additional. And my next Poolside Tote will have two outside pockets on both sides – this makes the bottom of the bag more firm – and you have one more pocket ;-).

The handle accent is a bit tricky if you use fabrics with stripes or pattern in a straight direction, because the accent handles are slightly curved and your lines are not straight anymore, but it looks cool anyway and I managed to get a perfect changeover at least on one side of the bag.

Thanks so much Sara, for asking me being part of Purse Palooza 2014 and I hope you enjoyed my Review. I would love to see your version of the Poolside Tote!

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