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This post is part of Purse Palooza 2014. For contest rules, full details, and schedule, click here! Today’s post is from Allegory of 1000 Needles.
Hey y’all! I’m so excited to be back again for Purse Palooza!

I find that fall/winter are my ideal bag sewing times. It’s been months since I’ve sewn a bag so Palooza was the perfect kickstart I needed.

I’ve picked the Road Trip Case by Anna of Noodlehead.

While I work hard to keep things organized in the studio for my day-to-day work life, I’ve recently found with my increase in traveling that my out-of-the-studio organization is a disaster. I take a lot of hand sewing projects with me when I go out to teach but they normally get tossed in the bottom of whatever bag is handy.

The Road Trip Case was the solution I was looking for.

The Pattern:

Anna designed this bag with organization and travel in mind and the pattern includes a number of different pocket options for personalization. It’s rated for an advanced beginner and I think that rating is accurate. True beginner bag makers shouldn’t shy away from this pattern though! Anna includes a number of detailed instructions and photos for the tricky parts (like how to easily sew with vinyl). In fact, I find the instructions so clearly detailed that I think this pattern would be a perfect introduction to some of those new bag skills (vinyl, curved edge binding, pleated pockets).

Supplies and Cutting:

Supplies are very clearly detailed but I would highly recommend a full read-through of the pattern before even pulling supplies (I try to do this in general). There’s nothing tricky required which makes it a great beginner patterns. All the supplies needed can be easily obtained through your local craft store or might even be things you already have around your studio. The pattern calls for Canvas and Batting for the interfacing which is actually my favorite way to construct a bag.

Since the pattern lists all the different pocket options in the cutting section, you’ll need to decide *which* type of Road Trip Case you’re going to make. If you need help deciding, Anna has already written out some posts full of photos to show you what can fit where in this pattern!

One of the things I really love about this pattern is that the construction and layout diagrams are so straight-forward that the customization of the bag can expand even further than the options given. For instance, with my case I knew that my organizational style favored doubling up the large zipper pocket option for the bag.

I actually didn’t have a large enough piece of vinyl around for two pockets so I replaced mine with mesh fabric so that it would still be see-through. You could easily substitute any fabric for the vinyl.

RT - Inside

**The magnetic snap isn’t an original pattern requirement. I’m incredibly hard on bags when I travel and was afraid that I’d pop the button closure off.

The exterior of the bag is designed to be quilted which means that quilt-as-you-go patchwork is easily worked in! I already had a panel of patchwork squares of Catnap so I simply bordered it out with some scraps to bring the panel up to size.


Handle Changes

Anna’s pattern instructions include fabric handles. Again….I’m rough on bags. I throw them, stuff them in other bags, put way too many things inside of them… I’m sure you get the idea. I also had these cute handles that the Mister brought me back from Daiso *a year ago*. It was time for me to use them in something and this case was the perfect size.

RT - Handles1

In Review

I love this pattern. I know that it may seem like I changed a lot of it but the only *major* changes that I made was the handle design and adding a magnetic snap. I think this personalization is the reason why I’m sure to make this pattern again in the future. It’s great that I could sit next to someone with the same pattern and come up with two personalized bags. Like small pockets? There’s instructions for that! Want a great car travel case for kids? There’s instructions for that! As someone that seems to always be making pattern changes, I really appreciate that Anna has already included these options in her pattern design. This means that someone who isn’t as experienced with bag making still has the option to make something more suited to their needs.

The bag finishes up at 13.5″ wide and 9″ tall (when closed). This makes it a great size for kid’s travel and also it’s big enough to carry a project without being so big that you stuff more than you should inside and ruin the intent of organizing.

This won’t be the last Road Trip Case I make either! The canvas for the second is already out on my cutting table.

RT - Handles2

Thank you Sara for hosting another year of Purse Palooza! My bag making season is off to a great start and I’ll certainly be checking out the rest of the reviews for new patterns I need to have.


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