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Good morning! I am Terry (tooheycohen on Flickr and Instagram) and I’ll be reviewing the fabulous Trapezoid Tote by Indygo Junction.

This is a bag that I’ve loved since I first saw the pattern. The shape is interesting and unique. All of the design elements I wanted to use finally came together when I found purple batik fabrics and a set of purple leather handles at the Quilt Show this past April in Paducah, KY.

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The Trapezoid Tote is a huge bag. If you need more room than the trapezoid silhouette shows, the side gussets can be opened away from the bag to hold all sorts of large items. You could use this as an everyday bag, or stuff it full for a pool tote or overnight bag. There are two pockets inside; one creatively designed specifically for a cell phone.

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Another interesting feature of this bag is the way the ladies of Indygo Junction have sewn the lining into the side seams. It makes for a very clean interior with no shifting of the lining.

The directions include two options: one for making a patchwork effect with your fabric, and one without. The patchwork directions are clear and fun. I chose to use strips of fabric quilted onto Soft and Stable interfacing. I also didn’t follow the directions for handles, but they seemed straight forward.

Overall, the pattern directions were a little wordy. I would have preferred a few more drawings or photos, but they are easy to follow if you take a little time.

I would rate this pattern as suitable for a confident beginner. There are a few features of this bag that are sewn in a unique way, so I wouldn’t try this as your first bag.

Have a blast making your version of the P2T2 (Purple Paisley Trapezoid Tote). Thank you to Sara for hosting another great year of Purse Palooza!

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