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Really exciting news today, in that I am finally officially unveiling the Crimson and Clover Train Cases pattern! This is now available as a pdf pattern and a paper pattern in my pattern shop. When I first saw Tula Pink‘s new line, ‘Elizabeth’, I knew it was a must for use in the train cases. When I look at these fabrics, I think of femininity, powder puffs, and all sorts of finery. A great muse for these lovely train cases!



I made this first set, and I was all hung up on all of the measurements that I sewed the seam on the large train case with the horses wrong (the seam is in the front of the bag, as opposed to the back, where it should be). I was too tired to re-do it, so I decided to hide it with the small case in the front. Ha.


The pattern contains instructions for all 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. The piping is optional, so if you’d rather leave the piping off, that’s completely up to you (although I do have this handy free tutorial on an easy way to add piping to any bag!). You can use a regular zipper, although I did use this beautiful double-pull handbag zipper for mine. The case also features a zipper on the lining side of the lid, for super-secret storage, and there are topstitched pockets in the lining sides for smaller items.


My pattern tester, Terry, and I made a bunch of cases for Quilt Market. I’m really happy that they seem to be well-received – they are lots of fun to sew and particularly handy for everyday use!


Finished Size:    Small {6” long x 4” tall x 5” deep}
Medium {8” long x 5” tall x 6” deep}
Large {10” long x 6” tall x 8” deep}


Supplies (will make 1 train case)

  • 1/2 yard of exterior fabric
  • 1 yard of lining fabric
  • Optional for piping: Fat quarter of solid fabric
  • 1-1/4 yards of 20” wide Pellon® SF-101 Shape Flex® fusible woven interfacing (or light-weight fusible interfacing)
  • 1/2 yard of By Annie’s Soft and Stable™, available at local quilt shops or on-line (Soft and Stable is a 1/8” thick, foam sew-in interfacing; you can also substitute a needled fleece fusible interfacing for the Soft and Stable, such as Pellon #TP971F Thermolam Plus fusible interfacing)
  • Optional: 1/4 yard Pellon #70 Peltex sew-in interfacing (or extra-heavy interfacing) for a firm lid/bottom – recommended for the larger sizes, or if planning to put heavy things or lots of cosmetics in the finished bag!
  • Optional for piping: 5/32” cotton cording (small – 1-1/3 yard; medium – 2 yard; large 2-1/4 yard)
  • Regular zipper for exterior (small – 20”; medium – 26” (24” will work but you may see the metal zipper); large – 32”) – or use a zipper roll; do not trim until directed to
  • Regular zipper for lining (small – 7”; medium – 9”; large – 12”) – feel free to use a longer zipper and trim down
  • Optional for piping: 2-1/2 yard Pellon Wonder Under tape  –OR-  fabric glue for glue basting
  • Optional: 1/4 yard Pellon Peltex #70 Sew-In interfacing, for a firm lid and bottom (recommended for the medium and large size train cases)



These cases would make fantastic gifts or swap items! I used Aurifil 40wt thread to make all of the cases.



P1010975 cropped

Also, here is a helpful video that my friend Terry shot of pinning the bottom of the lining to the bag, one of the last steps in the pattern. Even though photos are provided in the instructions, this step might be more helpful to see in person, so here is a hyperlapse video for you!


As always, my pattern testers were vital in helping me tighten up the pattern and get it ready for release. Get ready for the parade of all of the finished train cases! Thank you to you all so much, and I’m not sure that I can pick my favorite case, they are all so awesome!!

Crimson and Clover Test

Ree of Sincerely, Ree made this uber-cute large-size train case with polka dots and that lovely stripey binding. Just beautiful, and I just now noticed that the notes lined up on the lid and front of the case too!

sovanisa train case

Pamela of Sovanisa made this beautiful train case for her toiletries while travelling. She even sent me an action shot from her hotel room in Shanghai! So happy to hear this gorgeous case is getting use! You can read more about Pamela’s train case right here on her blog!

P1010625 (1)

Terry made this lovely medium-sized case out of Alison Glass fabric and paired it with a beautiful metal zipper. It looks especially lovely with the polka dot portion of the fabric at the top of the zipper!

VBg Crimson and Clover Sewing Case_med3 IMG_2346

Vanessa from Vintage Barn Girl made her medium train case and apparently pulled out all the stops, as she’s embroidered the lid and added some rick-rack instead of piping! Hello beautiful!


Shelley made this drop-dead-gorgeous small train case with a damask print and pretty rivets on the handle. So pretty, I just love it!!


Jaime made this gorgeous navy pocket dot train case, and I’m showing you her ‘aerial view’ because I think it just looks gorgeous with that green piping! Great job Jaime!

photo 4   photo 5

Nancy, as you can see, has tested all 3 sizes of the train cases (love the texty lining!). I am cracking up because Nancy is finishing up her Ph.D and she found time to make all 3 ::giggles:: I’m showing her ‘Needlework’ version case too because she gets an ‘A’ for effort (and beauty).

crimson and clover

Maria made this beautiful train case in Valori Wells fabric. She said that she used foam for the body of the case. I think it’s just perfect with the matching zipper and piping!

ayliN-Nilya Crimson and Clover 2

Aylin from ayliN-Nilya made this gorgeous charcoal floral train case. Aylin is in Germany and tried Soft and Stable for the first time in making this case, but she really enjoyed the results. The pop of yellow zipper is perfect!


Molly made her train case in this mixtapes fabric (of which I own several colorways!). It’s awesome especially with that electric yellow piping!


Jessy of Auntie Matter made this rad train case in size small. A lot of things in her Etsy shop are geekery-themed, and I think this fits in perfectly with her style! My son would love this for his what-have-you’s.


Cindy of Raspberry Sunshine made her train case out of out-of-print Melody Miller fabric…gosh she must trust me not to royally screw a pattern test up. 😉


Melaney made her train case in appropriate train fabrics! It’s super cute and the fabric gives it a really nostalgic feel, I love it!

image (8)

Alyssa made her bag in a blue and tan decorator fabric! She said it’s already been claimed and would be great for Christmas presents!


Chloe made her train case out of Stof-dk linen and is using it for sewing and knitting projects! I also love that the piping matches the heart print exactly, beautiful work Chloe!


Marti of 52 Quilts in 52 Weeks made the small sized train case, and I’m showing you the inside of her case instead as she’s rigged it to hold her nail polish by substituting the lining pocket for decorative elastic! Very pretty and practical!

small train case closed

Alli at B. Yazoo made this small version of the train case in a bright spring floral – and it kind of looks like a fabulous Easter egg sitting there amid the grass. 🙂


Laura made her train case in a bright blue floral fabric. I really like the additional of the solid-colored handle and the dark zipper as it makes all components of the train case stand out!

photo 1 (4)

Donna made this beautiful oriental-inspired train case, and I’m showing the top view of her case so that you can see the quilting on the fabric. Gorgeous!


Liz of Moments… made the medium train case and in all the methods I would be scared to try (upholstery fabric and pleather piping!). Amazing, and well worth her efforts, what a beautiful sewing case!

photo 1 (3)

Lisa from Six Munchkin Stitching made this orange train case, and personalized it with love on the lid!


Zuzka of Beezy Quilts made her train case out of a soft aqua fabric, and apparently there is a fight on whether she gets to keep it or her daughter, lol!!


Jennifer made the appropriate train case with luggage and travel bags on it! How cute! I love that the orange piping and orange zipper split everything up nicely! Beautiful work!

bag 2

Kelleigh made this great wide-striped bag in kelly green (my favorite color!). I also love the thick zipper! Great job Kelleigh! 🙂

image (5)

Cyndi of The Nosy Pepper made the medium train case in Ghastlies fabric. She cut and interfaced the fabrics at night and spent a few hours the next day making her case!


Teresa made her train case in a modern elephant fabric, and she said it was about a 2 hour sew for her. Beautiful Teresa!


Sheri made the medium train case in a large graphic floral, and I certainly think that this one would fit in among the cosmetic bags at Target; she said she took the case to work and sold it immediately!


Joyce of Sew Bobo made the medium size train case for her hand sewing items. It’s very beautiful with the linen stripes! You can read about Joyce’s train case on her blog here.

image (6)

Kathi from My Little Peeps made her train case in a large-scale damask print with coordinating piping! Lovely job Kathi!

photo 4 (2)

Debbie made this cute zebra print train case, and she said that she used store-bought piping for the case. My daughter certainly would love to have this case in her room!!


Terry made her train case in Kaffe Fassett Belle Epoch fabric, and she said this was her first time making piping – it looks gorgeous! Wonderful work, Terry!


Maria of Beautiful Blooms made this case in a chocolatey floral fabric. I love it also with the aqua piping, just a beautiful case Maria!


Tiffany from This Crafty Fox made the medium sized case in a Momo fabric, and it looks super sweet! Beautiful job, Tiffany!


If you liked the Crimson and Clover Train Cases pattern, it is now available in my pattern shop as a pdf pattern (and will be available on paper January 2015)!

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