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It’s been a little while since I made a new quilt, but last night I finished this Tesselation quilt top! The pattern is hot off the presses in Alison Glass’s pattern shop, and available in both pdf and paper form. This is a gorgeous quilt that finishes at 48″ x 60″, which is a great size to quilt yourself on your sewing machine. I just got a new class on Craftsy, called ‘Creative Quilting with your Walking Foot’ by Jacquie Gering, and when I get around to quilting this sucker, I also plan on reviewing the class. Actually quilting a quilt is my weak area, so I’m hoping that this class will be a lightbulb for me!


If you think you’d like to make the Tesselation pattern this summer, stay tuned Monday as I will be kicking off a leisurely sew along on my blog for 6 weeks. I took photos of how I paper-pieced each block, which I hope will be helpful to newer paper-piecers!

Supplies Needed – This quilt may be made scrappy, but the pattern calls for 25 different 1/4 yard cuts, which I found to be accurate (I got exactly that much fabric, except in 1/2 yard cuts instead, and had just enough). I also like the solid version of the quilt on the back of the booklet. I used ‘Indelible’ fabrics by Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery Fabrics, as well as coordinating Pure Elements solids. I chose only fabrics that read as purple, gray, and teal from this line, in order to make my fabrics more distinctive-looking.



Pattern Pieces – This is a foundation paper-pieced pattern, and there are 6 different triangles used throughout the pattern (one triangle is a solid cut). The paper-piecing is fairly simple, and it was actually fun to do, as they went along quickly. I cut out all my fabrics and printed templates before I started, which made things go along a lot more quickly. Also, I pieced one type of block at a time, alternating between my 3 color groupings.


Instructions/Illustrations – The instructions are more than adequate to get through the pattern, and there are illustrations for cutting as well as for how to begin paper-piecing if you haven’t before.

Modifications – I didn’t make any modifications to the pattern. Besides a couple of triangles, I followed the layout on the back of the pattern exactly. It really is a very pretty layout, with a large star in the center of the quilt.


Conclusion – This was really fun to make! I am pretty sure I could have chosen any grouping of fabrics and any layout and it still would have come out amazing. It is very forgiving. I absolutely love that I used Indelible for this quilt, as the colors are gorgeous!

See you on Monday for the start of the sew along. :)

31 thoughts on “Tesselation Quilt Top

  1. This turned out so beautiful!!! Love the fabrics you chose for this as well. Maybe I will try and jump on that sew along next week.

  2. Love your color selection and the way it is disbursed throughout the quilt. I think gray is a fabulous color and goes with just about everything. Though I do not need a new project right now, I will be vicariously following the QAL.

  3. I’m taking Jaquie’s class on Craftsy and just completed quilting a top that languished in my room for 3 years! It was SEW much fun and can’t wait to continue trying out her techniques.

  4. so, so gorgeous! I really want to get my hands on some Indelible now that I’ve finished up my Jungle Ave super tote!

  5. Very nice quilt and I LOVE the colors together. Tassellation quilts are my favorite. Wayne Kollinger has some awesome tessellation a on his very unique quilting design blog.
    And Jacquie Gering is my all time favorite quilter! You will love her craftsy class and her design methods. She absolutely rocks!

  6. Hi I am part way through that Creative Quilting with your Walking Foot class on Craftsy – it is really good. You will learn a lot. Lovely quilt – I would love to give this one a try and I have incidentally just purchased half a yard each of Indelible :)

  7. OMG! Are those paper pieced triangles? How clever. I’ve just finished an equilateral triangle quilt myself and plain triangles were tricky enough for me. Amazing!

  8. will I be able to follow this through email? I wont be able to start when you do but would love to have the visual when I’m ready. I just ordered the pattern and template. This is just so beautiful!

  9. Can’t believe I didn’t comment on this post!!!! Sara, you are amazing!!! Everything you do is just brilliant!!!!Thank you so much for using my fabrics!!!<3

  10. Lori – SewPsyched – is encouraging me to join. Your quilt is gorgeous! So if I understand, this will be leisurely, and it’s all paper pieced?

  11. Absolutely Stunning! I just bought the pattern and was a little intimidated by the paper piecing. I’ve never done it before. Your post is reassuring and I am no longer afraid. I will be making it soon and checking back often on your sew along. Thank you!

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