Quilt Design Contest Winner!

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A few weeks ago, I decided to hold a contest for a quilt block or quilt pattern; the winner’s quilt design would become a realty, and be published in the brand new UK magazine, Quilt Now. You can read my original post about the contest here. Also, if you live in the US, just a little reminder that you can join the Quilt Now subscription club at Pink Castle Fabrics.

Our own Katy Jones (and I say she’s our own because she came up from the blogging world and I’m sure many of you follow her blog!) helped me judge the contest, as she is the editor of Quilt Now. I’m still super excited for Katy, and she helped me pick a fantastic winner!

We received 64 quilt design entries! Thank you so much to everyone that entered! I told Katy that I would choose my 10 favorite designs, but I ended up choosing many more than 10, they were that good!! We have kept the other entries confidential so that the designers may still use their design for another endeavor, but I’m very happy to show you the winning design!


The winning quilt was designed by Michelle Wilkie. I sent Michelle the Jungle Ave. fabrics that she needed to make her quilt, and her pattern will be appearing this year in Quilt Now magazine! How exciting!

Thank you again to all of the amazing entrants! We will definitely be doing a contest like this again in future, it was tons of fun!


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