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Beatnik Waist Bag Cover

Hi everyone! Today I’d like to introduce you to the Beatnik Waist Bag pdf sewing pattern (also available on paper!), the newest addition to my pattern shop! Many of my testers have said that this pattern is suitable for a confident beginning sewist.

This pattern idea was a request from a friend, and I had no idea all of the scandal involved in the name of this type of bag. In the U.S., I think this is commonly known as a fanny back, but in other countries, I’ve heard them called bum bags. Whenever the word ‘fanny pack’ came up with my overseas friends, there would be slight reprimands about my use of the word. I couldn’t understand what the big deal was; I thought fanny was another word for bum, so I didn’t know what the fuss was about. And then I learned what the word really meant. I can understand why someone wouldn’t want to purchase an item named after lady bits, lol!!

So this is my Beatnik Waist Bag! This waist bag is a modern take on the 80’s classic. It has two front flap pockets, a back zippered pocket, and space on the inside for storing your essentials. Clasp it securely around your waist and get ready for an active day, hands-free!

I used Echino fabric for the exterior of my bag, and my snaps were trusty Snap Setter snaps. I used Aurifil 40 wt. thread.

Finished Size: 11” long x 6” tall
1/2 yard of exterior fabric
1/2 yard of lining fabric
1 yard of 20” wide Pellon® SF-101 Shape Flex® fusible woven interfacing (or light-weight fusible interfacing)
14” x 12” piece of By Annie’s Soft and Stable™, available at local quilt shops or on-line
(Soft and Stable is a 1/8” thick, foam sew-in interfacing; one of my testers also recommends automotive headliner fabric in place of the Soft and Stable; you can also substitute a needled fleece fusible interfacing for the Soft and Stable, such as Pellon #TP971F Thermolam Plus fusible interfacing; Decovil can also be used)
9” zipper
12” zipper
Two sets of pearl snap fasteners (I used Snap Setter size 16 snaps, which were a little larger than 3/8”)
One plastic side-release buckle/parachute buckle (mine were 2-1/2” long x 1-1/4” wide), with a 1” opening for a strap

One plastic slide, 1-1/4” wide, with a 1” opening for a strap

 As always, my testers have turned in some wonderful work! Many of these waist bags are going out as Christmas gifts, gifted to family members, or for swaps, which I think is wonderful! Thank you to all of my testers!!

Samantha of Handmade by Mrs. H. made this great bag with two different fabrics for the front of the bag, which really makes the pockets stand out! Samantha made this for her mom for craft fairs, and the colors were chosen to match the jewelry displays, which I thought was really neat!

Fiona made this set of waist bags, which are all quite adorable! Her children were very excited about them. I like that they are all quite whimsical, and I am marvelling of the fussy-cutting on the orange one!

Cyndi of The Nosy Pepper made this for her mom for Christmas, whom she says is a die-hard fanny pack fan! I hope she loves this…I certainly do, especially in this text fabric! It’s awesome!!

Nancy made a couple of Beatnik Bags just in time for the New York City marathon – I thought this was truly amazing! And love the action shot of these in use!

Liana made her bag in a great Metro Living print from Robert Kaufman in a beautiful charcoal color. I see that bright orange peaking out from the lining side and it makes me really happy! Beautiful and precise work on this one, Liana!

Emily of Half Square Triangle made this cute and kitschy waist bag, and it’s a truly lovely fabric, and I like that the print breaks up and shows the pockets and flaps well! Great fussycutting of the butterflies too!

Tracy from I’ve Got a Notion made her waist bag in a decorator floral fabric. I don’t know why, but I was struck by how precise and nicely curved her pockets are. Tracy has prepared this wonderful photo collage to show you her beautiful bag! Thank you Tracy!

Pamela of Sovanisa made this textural bag with a pop of color on her flaps. You can see that she’s used a tan webbing for the waistband, and overall a gorgeous and precise finish, wonderful Pamela! You can read more about it on her blog here!

Sylvia made her bag with Michael Miller Mirror Ball Dots, which I am a really big fan of, and you can see the neon fabrics peeping out from the lining!

Vera of Negligent Style made this adorable waistbag with separate orange and red flaps to coordinate with the main fabric of the bag, which is in itself terrible cute! Love this to bits!!

Tiffany made her waist bag in a fall-appropriate plaid. She used some really nice hardware detailing on the entire thing, from the snaps to the zipper to the hardware on the waistband. Very wonderful job, Tiffany!

Marti made her bag in her hoarded Nicey Jane fabrics. She’s saving the bag for her quilt guild swap next month. I personally adore this and I think her swap partner is very very lucky indeed!! Beautiful Marti!

Marta made this gorgeous waist bag, and I was laughing when reading through her tester note e-mail because, as she as nearing the end of her pregnancy, she said she could not comment as to whether the waistband measurements were accurate, lol!!

Ree of Sincerely, Ree made her waist bag with some great map fabric, and I like the unique snaps on the front pocket. Great for a vacation, when you just want to carry around money and your cell phone!

Aylin of ayliNNilya made her bag in this awesome European map fabric (sometimes I see the fabrics overseas and am very jealous, although it is probably the other way around? Grass is greener kind of thing, perhaps!). I really like the brass snaps on the flaps, too, I feel like it really goes with the feel and coloring of the bag! Beautiful!

Bernie made her bag with a pretty awesome fabric sent in a care package by her mother! It looks fabulous! Bernie uses it when she runs, and she suggests substituting the snaps for invisible magnetic snaps for ease of opening and shutting. Thanks Bernie!

Yvette of Black Cat and Birdie made this citron waist bag, and she said that she substituted velcro for the flap closures. She made the size medium, and it adjusts down to her daughter’s size as well, for an added bonus!

Teresa made this waist bag for her 21-year-old daughter to use while riding her bike around town. I love it in this cool Kawaii fabric, it’s so much fun!! Great with that yellow zip, too!

Miriam made this funky waist bag with the Melody Miller clock on the front, and she made an adjustment and made one pocket instead of two. I think it looks wonderful! Miriam says she’s already used the bag several times when she had her arts and crafts booth. Woohoo!

Lorena made her bag and substituted nylon webbing for the waistband, which she said was very handy. She said that it took her about 4 hours to make the bag, and it was big enough to carry her 7″ tablet. Wonderful work Lorena!!

Mary made this pretty bag with white pearl snaps. Mary mentioned that she usually doesn’t use dark fabrics for the lining of bags, but she thought things would be easy enough to find since the waist bag is a small space (compared to a larger bag). Beautiful Mary!

Donna made this adorable bag with bees on it…too cute! She used magnetic snaps for her flaps as well, and Donna recommends asking for the buckle as ‘parachute buckle’, which may help you find it easier! Thanks Donna!

Cindy of Raspberry Sunshine made this bag in a cute sprout fabric. It looks really beautiful, and with pretty snaps. Cindy told me that she’s thinking about making one in leather for her dad. That sounds awesome!

Athena made this bag in a gray low volume print, and the back of her bag is a bright fuchsia, which gives it a bit of a kick! I like that the white stitch topstitching that she used broke up the pockets and flap so that they really stood out!

Thank you once again to my pattern testers for all of your hard work! I really appreciate you so much! If you liked what you saw, you can find the Beatnik Waist Bag pdf sewing pattern in my shop!

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