Big-City Bags: Week 1 Recap

My book, ‘Big-City Bags’, releases in just 5 days and I am super excited about it! You can pre-order your copy on Amazon, or if you’d like an autographed copy, you can pre-order that from my pattern shop (free U.S. shipping). Additionally, get it at your local quilt shop, as many quilt shops stock Martingale books like mine!

I organized a blog hop to help get the word out about the book, and I wanted to show you what different blogs and my pattern testers had to say about it! This is my recap from the week (and stay tuned for next week, for week 2!).

Craft Buds – My friend, Lindsay, from Craft Buds wrote a very heart-felt post about me and my bags that really touched me.
I remember talking with Lindsay about the book-writing process at great length several times, as Lindsay was working on her book Modern Bee at approximately the same time as I was writing my book. Lindsay was able to calm a lot of my fears along the way.

Kim’s Krafts – Kim pattern-tested the ‘Sound Check Bag’ pattern that appears in my book, and this is her actual bag that appeared in the book’s pages! It was made using Laurie Wisbrun Brrrr! fabrics. Her bag was so beautiful, and I’m glad it made it into the book (while I saw all the photographs, I did not actually choose what did or did not make it into the book, including the cover)!

When I contacted my pattern testers, I asked them to send me the top 5 bags that they wanted to test. Literally everyone had the Sound Check Bag in their list, so I guess this will be a popular one.

Sew Mama Sew – To celebrate the release of my new book, I wrote a free bag pattern for The Kennedy Bag, which is available only on Sew Mama Sew. This is the only free pattern that I wrote this year, and I hope you enjoy it!
My pattern testers once again turned in some great work, and you can see their versions of the bag right here.
The Littlest Thistle – Katy tested this gorgeous version of the ‘Bee Sweet Bag’, and she made it in Riley Blake Chevrons. She was kind enough to bounce this bag all over the world in order to get it to me on time. Love you Katy!
Katy was not able to take photos of her bag before she sent it off, but I happily received all of the bags from my book from the UPS man last night, so I ran out this morning to snap a quick photo of the bag that Katy made. 🙂

Aurifil Thread – Aurifil wrote a lovely review of my book. You’ll want to hop on over to the Aurifil blog, because they have generously offered up a box of Mark Lipinski’s ‘Basics Collection’, which is 12 large spools of neutral threads. Also included in the prize package is a signed copy of my book. A prize worth approximately $130!

I use Aurifil 40wt. and Aurifil 50wt. to make all of my bags, and I like using neutral colors of thread in most of my bags, depending on the fabric.

Made with Moxie  – Jill pattern-tested the ‘Wonderland Bag’ for me, which is a structured bag with rounded sides. She used Anna Maria Horner ‘Drawing Room’ fabric for her bag, and I just love it completely!!

My Bricole – Deedee was kind enough to pattern test the ‘Fireside Bowl Bag’ for the book. This is Deedee’s own photo, but her bag did make it onto the pages of the book too! This bag was made using Laurie Wisbrun fabrics.
Deedee turned in a fantastic bag, and it was much oooh’d over when I showed it at my Schoolhouse talks at Quilt Market!


Craft Gossip – Anne from Craft Gossip posted a lovely review, and you will also have a chance to win an ebook version!
My Crafty Crap – My friend, Bree, pattern tested the ‘Go-Go Bag’. This bag features a pretty flap and a twist-lock closure. She did a fantastic job, and I love all of the bright colors that you can see on the front of the bag with these Laurie Wisbrun fabrics!
Thank you for checking out my blog-hop recap! I think a blog-hop for a pattern or book can be a tricky thing because you don’t want to see the same photos and exclamations on each of the blogs (‘Wow that is awesome!’ or ‘I loved this!’), but I’m really proud of everyone that participated and hope they each gave you a unique perspective into my new book. Thank you to everyone, so much! 🙂

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