Ramona Wrap Dress in Tula Pink Acacia


I made this wrap dress a couple of weeks ago, and have really been looking forward to showing you the finished dress! This is the new Ramona Wrap Dress sewing pattern by Kay Whitt of Serendipity Studio. If you know me, by now you know that I am a huge fan of Kay’s patterns, and when she told me that she was working on a new wrap dress sewing pattern, I immediately wanted to make it, sight unseen.

I also immediately knew that I wanted to machine piece the dress with hexagons using Tula Pink‘s current line for Free Spirit called ‘Acacia’. This is a whimsical line featuring raccoons, feathers, and hummingbirds, in 3 fantastic colorways. The hexies were cut using the Jaybird Quilts Hex ‘n More ruler. I had never machine pieced hexagons before, and I used Kati of From the Blue Chair‘s fantastic tutorial, which made it really easy and quick to do.

The pattern is really great and only uses 5 pattern pieces (skirt back, skirt front, bodice back, bodice front, and sleeve). There is no zipper closure, as the dress wraps across the front and ties at one side. If you looked at some of the big reveal photos on Kay’s blog, you’ll probably notice that my ties are showing (and hers are hidden except at the bow). I fiddled with the ties a lot and this was the best that I could come up with (I guess my mind gave up after the hexagons, lol). Also Kay has pointed out that I left my tie ends raw-edged (I didn’t mean to), lol. :)


I especially like that the dress is finished using the bias binding on the entire outer edge of the dress. At first I wanted to use a purple fabric for this (which is what I used on the sleeves), but at the last minute I changed over to this black texty fabric by Sweetwater. I felt like the purple was a little bit too tame for me, and I like that the black text fabric gives the dress a bit of extra pop.

I’ll be wearing this dress next week at Quilt Market for my Schoolhouse talks; I bought some purple tights to wear with it that will hopefully look alright. I suppose I’ll see when I get there…I like to fly by the seat of my pants like that. 😉 Anyway, check out Kay’s new pattern, which will be available for sale later this week! It’s a keeper!

24 thoughts on “Ramona Wrap Dress in Tula Pink Acacia

  1. I love this pattern and can’t wait for it to be available ! You’ve put so much work into your fabric, I’m surprised you have it finished already. Did you reverse the pattern front or are both sides equal and you can add tie to either side?

  2. You look marvelous! Great job, wouldn’t of that it was possible to create a nice drape with the hexagons on a dress pattern, but you made it happen! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think I said it all on FB…..LOVE hexies. LOVE Acacia. LOVE the dress. I so love how you put such amazing quilt motifs in your dresses or on your dresses. But this time you ‘made’ the fabric. Just amazing!!!

  4. AWWWW you look great! I am a hexagon lover.. so this is like the best dress! Thank you for pointing out “from the blue chair’s” tutorial on machine piecing hexies. I are going to be the best dressed at the quilt market! Have a great time!

  5. wow this is so cool. I love the hexagons and the purple binding on the sleeves and the black and white binding elsewhere. Purple tights will finish this off perfectly You did a great job. And you look fabulous in it too. Have fun at quilt market.

  6. Sara, you are the master of the “Pieced Dress”. You should publish your next book on that subject! Anyway, you did a nice job and it is super cute on you. I’m going to have to check out that pattern!

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