City Sampler Sew Along: Blocks 49, 50, and 51

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This post is part of the City Sampler Sew Along.
For more information or to see blocks completed so far, click here!

Emily – Can you believe it? We’re halfway already!!

Block 49

Block 49 was a breeze! I had to double check before I stitched each seam on the triangles so that the ‘tear drops’ would line up across the block but it wasn’t too tricky. Obviously I fussy cut the corner blocks and I love the way they turned out. I used Hushabye and Acacia for this block.

Block 50

I may have swore a few times making block 50. Those dang tiny pieces! I wish I had figured out some fancy way of stitching diagonal seams on a giant block and then cutting it apart to yield the 9 HST block needed but I just did it as the directions in the book showed. My machine ate one tiny block so I used leaders and enders to help. Even though the block construction was a bit of a struggle I have to say I LOVE the results. Block 50 may be my favorite block yet! :o) The main print I used was from Parisville. The others were pieces in my stash- a solid and a tone on tone white print.

Block 51

After block 50 I felt like I could conquer anything, and then I started 51. Am I the only one that has a problem with my flying geese blocks going a little wonky? Luckily a little steam and stretching helped them turn out ok. I made sure I went slow when stitching each seam to prevent further skewing. It turned out alright. Not my favorite but I’m not going to redo it. I used fabric from my stash- a yellow solid and a Riley Blake print.

Are you keeping steady or loosing steam? I made the first 50 blocks in a couple of days at the beginning, then I gave myself a break. I just finished sorting the fabric for the next 25 and I’m looking forward to a quiet afternoon when I can get them put together. I decided to lay out my 50 blocks (1 thru 51 except 36 because I haven’t sewn it yet 🙂 to see my progress. They look so good! Lay out all your blocks and give yourself a pat on the back. HALFWAY BABY!!!


Julie – Hey everyone!! I’m excited to share blocks 49, 50 & 51 of the #tula100 quilt a long with you.

With this week we are 1/2 of the way to 100!!
These are the fabrics I pulled for block #49. They are both Hushabye.
My Block 49 & Tula’s Block 49. I like the simplicity of the three triangles in this block.
These are the fabrics I pulled for block #50. They are Full Moon Forest, Flutterby & Prince Charming.
My Block 50 & Tula’s Block 50.  Lots of tiny triangles here!! This block wasn’t what I’d call fun, but I took my time while piecing it so that everything would match up.
These are the fabrics I pulled for block #51. They are Prince Charming & The Birds and the Bees 
My Block 51 & Tula’s Block 51. I wish there was more contrast between the fabrics I used, but I don’t plan on remaking the block.
Block 49

Block 50

Block 51


So, if you are sewing along at home, be sure to link up ONLY blocks 49, 50, and 51 in this post (you will have time to link up your other blocks in future posts). Please link up separately for each block. As a reminder, you can link to your blog post, Flickr, or wherever else you are hosting your pictures. You must link up here on this post in order to be eligible for the monthy prize, to be awarded on September 31st!

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5 replies on “City Sampler Sew Along: Blocks 49, 50, and 51

  • Cherry

    I’m so inspired to get going on mine and I guess it’s never too late! I’ve washed all my fabric, or at least most of it… lol! as I’m sure I’ll be adding a few more as I go! Thanks for sharing! °Ü°

  • Beth

    I am not sure I can get to the blocks this week. I am organizing for the quilt show this weekend, then working the show Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Hmmm Maybe Sunday I can do these three and kinda keep up.
    Love the blocks and they are fun to sew. Although I am ready to be done with triangles. 😉

    • Debbie

      Beth, did you get your blocks up? Some weeks are easier than others, I know. It’s interesting to see everyone’s blocks posted, and how their color choices make each part of the block stand out in a different way!


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