Amy Butler Honey Bun Pouf

This project has been sitting, cut out, on my sewing table FOR A YEAR. It has taken up so much space, and finally last night, I decided just to finish it. Good riddance! And it’s beautiful! 🙂

This is the Honey Bun Pouf sewing pattern by Amy Butler. The pattern makes two different sizes, and I decided to make the large, which is a 30″ diameter and 10″ tall pouf. I decided to use an out-of-print Prints Charming line from Free Spirit called ‘Follow Your Imagination’, which is really bright and happy.

The pattern uses 15 wedges for the top and 15 wedges for the bottom. Since I used quilting cotton for my prints, the pattern calls for a layer of duck canvas and also a layer of batting, to give this large home decorator pillow stability. I highly recommend sticking to this combination, as it truly gives this pillow that high-end store-bought feel to it.

The instructions were easy enough to follow, and even with the bulky layers, the pouf was rather pleasant to sew, until I got to the zipper (there is a 12″ zipper inserted on the side between the top and bottom layer). It’s just a case of everything being so large and bulky, but that was quite trying! Although in the end, very worth it!

In the middle of the pouf, there are two loops, which are attached to eachother and pulls the center of the pillow down, creating the tufted effect. I could not find the 2-1/2″ covered button kits at the store, so I just bought 2 royal blue buttons, 2″, but they were big enough to cover the intersecting fabrics in the center, so good enough! The pattern calls for using micro beads to fill the pouf, and I had an old bean bag that was falling apart, so I cut it open and repurposed the styrofoam beads from that. I didn’t quite have enough, so I also through some fiber fill that I had lying around.

The pouf took me about 4 hours to sew, and I would say about 2 hours to cut and baste the pieces together. This is really an adorable project, and would be perfect for a child’s bedroom. My daughter is 5 years old, and she’s actually lying on the pouf right now watching a television show. 🙂

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