City Sampler Sew Along: Blocks 40, 41, and 42

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Howdy Quilters! How are y’all holding up? So far the Triangles chapter has been fun. Block #40 was of course another perfect opportunity for fussy cutting. My sister convinced me to use the black Coal shot cotton as the contrast on this and I’m glad she did because the thin shot cotton is really great for bulky seams like the middle of this block. Have I said this before? I really love the shot cottons. I know I say this a lot too, but this is another block that I can totally plan a whole other quilt based off of. Thanks to Tula for letting us know that cubes don’t always have to involve in-set seams or 60 degree triangles. 

Block #41 is a fun take on a flying goose. I had a bit of a problem with the fussy cutting here because my instinct was to cut the submarine in this Salt Water print out to fit sideways in the long rectangle, but I know that submarines can not dive vertically.. so I just cut the submarine peeking out from under one of the triangles. 
Block #50 As you can see I have been on a Salt Water kick and I couldn’t resist fussy cutting this Octopus to live atop those underwater mountains. I think having a lot of little fun elements hiding in there will make this quilt all the more fun to look at when I am finished. 

I am most excited about the storage solution I found for my quilt blocks. It is “Back To School” time here and our grocery store had these binders out and it hit me! I bought a fat binder and 50 clear plastic sheets that are open at the top. I put a piece of paper with the block # written on it and have been sliding 2 blocks in each sheet; one on the front, one in the back. I slid my color print out reference with Block #’s written on it in the front since I reference that a lot when choosing fabrics. 

Now I can flip through my blocks to reminds myself of what fabrics I used in which blocks. It has also been a great way to show other people what I am working on and my progress without worrying about the thread fraying or getting the blocks lost or dirty.

I have also been keeping the block pieces that have been cut, but not yet sewn together in their page, which is great for keeping track of what I need to sew next. I wish I had the design wall space to keep my blocks out all of the time, but I am pretty happy so far with having them portable and protected. I think at Block #50 I will take the time to spread them out of a design wall for a picture.

I really can’t believe we are almost halfway done! I have been jokingly calling this my Tula School of Quilting since I have not only put in so much time so far, but feel I have been learning so much about color palettes, patchwork, patience & persistence. Thanks to everyone who uses the #Tula100 hashtag on Instagram and Flickr. I really enjoy seeing everyone’s work. On to the next blocks!
Kim – This week’s blocks were so much fun!  I had always wanted to try the number 40 one and way really ready to get going on this set.  Katy picked the colors again.  It has been a treat to have her helping me in the sewing room since she usually does not care what I do in there. 
The one thing I do not like is drawing lines on fabric.  I will do it if I have to but many times I find I have drawn a crooked line so I prefer to use tape to help guide me. 
With a  piece of painters tape make a straight line from where your needle’s center to the end of your sew table. Mine is not huge, maybe four inches? Do not cover the feed dogs with the tape. place the beginning of the tape right outside the feed dog area.  

Line your fabric up and keep the bottom edge lined up with the tape

using the tape as your guide the entire time

Voila a pretty good way to get a decent straight line without picking up a pencil!

Block 40

Block 41

Block 42


Sara – I wish I had something awesome to tell you about today, like binder organization or tape, but I am honestly lucky that I finished these last night. Too much is going on around here! And I’ve also noticed that my Block 41 is not quite right…but alas! Can’t wait to see your blocks!

Block 40

Block 41

Block 42


So, if you are sewing along at home, be sure to link up ONLY blocks 40, 41, and 42 in this post (you will have time to link up your other blocks in future posts). Please link up separately for each block. As a reminder, you can link to your blog post, Flickr, or wherever else you are hosting your pictures. You must link up here on this post in order to be eligible for the monthy prize, to be awarded on August 31st!

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2 replies on “City Sampler Sew Along: Blocks 40, 41, and 42

  • Beth

    Yesterday I made 12 blocks to get caught up for today…when I would be behind again. I only have 3 blocks from earlier to catch up on and then this weeks 3. Maybe it will be easier to do 3 a week than 6 (or 12 if I don’t the 6 done). I am loving the blocks though. One day I will be done in time to link. Maybe.

  • Debbie

    I am having the best time with this entire QAL, especially since I have never done one before! The book certainly keeps my interest, and even though I am Miss Tardy to the Party, it’s fun to look at the blocks that have been posted before I came. Now I’ve had a time getting pics and trying to post, but Sara has been helpful, so I’ve just started where you all are, and kind of working my way back, AND forward. My only problem is coming up with some of the fabrics, as I really have spent too much already, I think. (fortunately I love love log cabins and such, and see many happy hours of piecing in my future with these beautiful fabrics). Has anyone traded a few squares of one fabric for another just to get the right look? THanks! Debbie


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