City Sampler Sew Along: Blocks 28, 29, and 30

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This post is part of the City Sampler Sew Along.
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Kim – This weeks blocks I feel should be named Tequila Sunrise!   With these colors From Pat Sloan’s Bobbins and Bits and Michael Miller’s Cotton Couture I swear I can hear Jimmy Buffett singing in the background somewhere!

These blocks we so super easy! I was able to have them cut and sewn in less than an hour and that was with the children asking me stuff at the same time :o)  Hope you have been having as much fun as I have with these little beauties!!!!


Gina Hey Quilters! We are 1/3 of the way there! We are right in the middle of the Rectangle chapter right now and the sewing is easy. My Block #28 I call Peekaboo Feather. I actually have quite a few “peekaboo” blocks now as I have been sneaking in as much fussy cutting as I can. It definitely takes more time to fussy cut your pieces, but I am so thrilled with the finished blocks after all that work that I feel it is worth it. This is the very top left corner block if you are making the rainbow Gridlock! I felt like capturing a true dark and deep red was important for the corner block and I love seeing these two prints next to each other because to me it shows Tula’s progression as an artist. I think this block would be interesting as a whole quilt if the columns lined up without sashing and the little peekaboo rectangle floated around to different spots in the block.

Block #29; a modern take on a Log Cabin style layout is also along the outside border of the Gridlock layout. I’ve been calling mine Seaside Window. I have had the pleasure of staying in a vacation beach house
for a few days and ever since then I knew I would love a house with a view of the sea. This is what I was thinking about when I was sewing this block and why I added the little bit of Salt Water to the Parisville mix. I don’t feel lame using the same fabrics that are in the book even if it may seem a little lazy. The book kind of seems like a Tula Pantone chart of sorts so I like knowing I am using the right shade or hue of color.


Block #30 a fun rectangle take on checkerboard. I was calling this one Tree Fingers and Moss Logs. With just 6 pairs of logs I thought it best to not risk fudging the math and strip piecing any of it. I am still cutting exactly as the book says. I have been doing most of my cutting on the weekends when I have longer stretches of time to work on the blocks and then I will do my sewing little bits at a time throughout the week. So when I am on my cutting marathons I just cut exactly what it says. I really like having the exact size pieces cut all sitting in a bag ready to sew together since I can generally sew together an entire block in 1 sitting and I don’t spend any time wondering where I have left off on a block and have (so far) not lost any pieces!

Good luck sewing your blocks together! Catch you on the flipside.


So, if you are sewing along at home, be sure to link up ONLY blocks 28, 29, and 30 in this post (you will have time to link up your other blocks in future posts). Please link up separately for each block. As a reminder, you can link to your blog post, Flickr, or wherever else you are hosting your pictures. You must link up here on this post in order to be eligible for the monthy prize, to be awarded on July 31st!

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