Text Fabric Swap

I just wanted to pop in and let you know that Jessica of Plum Patchwork is putting together a text fabric fat quarter swap. You can find details of the swap in the Flickr group. I was completely giddy when I found out about this because I am very devoted to text fabrics…they give projects that extra kick (and they are also fun to dye)!

Fabric with words or text 

Here are a few things I’ve done with text fabrics:

I only have a very small stash of text fabrics, but I look for some whenever they’re on sale. The Flickr group for the swap is here, but here is the basic idea of how the swap will work. More details are on Flickr. 
1. This is a centralized swap, meaning everyone will send their fabric to Jessica, and she’ll sort, distribute, and mail back to the swappers. 
2. Swappers have until February 15th to mail their packages to Jessica. 
3. Mailing will be done by Flat Rate Envelope or Box only, and she’s requesting PayPal funds to make the shipping easier (international swappers are welcome, check out the group for details on how that can be handled). 
4. You can send in as many FQ’s as you like. You’ll get the same number back that you sent in! 
Thanks for taking a look-see! Since this is not my swap (although I am joining in!), if you have any questions, please direct them to Jessica in the Flickr Group. 🙂

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