Lucky Stars January Block

Happy New Year (officially)! I dyed my fabric last night, and so when I got my January block for the Lucky Stars Block of the Month, I absolutely couldn’t wait to get started! I cut my fabrics according to the cutting guide, and dove right in!

The block went together really quickly and easily. If you were new to paper piecing, you could definitely do this! The instructions have step-by-step photos and text to explain how to assemble this specific block. I’ve paper pieced before, so I mainly just used the pattern for the cutting guide and the templates, but it was a well-thought-out pattern (I did read through the whole thing, because I wanted to give you an honest answer and tell you that the instructions were wonderful).

My kids both got Crayola lightboxes for Christmas from my aunt, and I used the lightbox to line up my fabrics to make the blocks. You could also hold your blocks up to a window or place them on top of your iPad. 😉
Lucky Stars FPP BOM Club

I was pleasantly surprised with my fabric choices. Sometimes you just don’t know how things will work together until you have the block (or project) finished. Looking forward to next month’s block!

16 thoughts on “Lucky Stars January Block

  1. ACK! It is only the 1st. How can you be done with this month’s block? LOL
    I am behind on one BOM (paper pieced mariner’s compass)but I will catch up. I hope. 😉
    Have fun with your blocks. Love the colors on this one.
    Happy New Year

  2. Seeing your block really makes me want to do this BOM! The last time I tried to join in on something like this…I haven’t finished it, yet! Plus, I’d need to figure out if I could use fabric that I already have or if I’d have to buy some….hmm.

    Anyway, all of this to say that your block looks fabulous! Love it!

  3. Sara, you are such an overachiever, LOL!!! I’m doing a different BOM this year, but now regret not joining this one. I know I still could, but it’s just too easy to overload oneself. So I will just sit back and drool over your blocks! Hugs, Cathy

  4. Love your fabric choices too ~ it’s just perfect!
    I’m part of the BOM and my fabric choices weren’t near as nice as yours ~ going to have to do it again (I knew this before I saw yours).

  5. Looks great Sara. I have also joined up printed off pattern today, but sewing machine not near electric socket till hubby sorts it out PRONTO. Block looks super again. Are you sticking to the same themed colours or going scrappy? Fiona

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