Craft Buds Video Chats

 Yikes, I haven’t gotten a blog post up in 2 weeks…sorry about that, y’all. I’m knee-deep in some bag pattern writing and haven’t done anything else but that since the new year began!

However, I did get a chance to participate in a video chat hosted by Lindsay of Craft Buds. Lindsay’s video chats usually feature several guests and are shot live (no editing here!); a few weeks ago she did another chat on How to Write Sewing Patterns.

The chat that I was in was about the Pellon designer program, and also about sewing and blogging in general. Click on the embedded link below, or you can also view the video on YouTube here!

What did you think?? I was really nervous about doing the interview, but it actually turned out okay! Let me know if you have any questions about…anything really. :-)

4 thoughts on “Craft Buds Video Chats

  1. I am really interested in this video. I need to go get some stuff done, but I will watch it all later. I found your tutorial on the different products so very helpful so I hope to learn more from you in the video. Thanks for sharing

  2. Great video and great advice for new bloggers. I love all my Pellon products. I tried the Nature’s Touch batting this year after you recommended it and I love it. I totally switched now (and bought myself the 25 yd roll).

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