Post-holiday Sewing/Fabric

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! Did Santa have something good (perhaps made of the cotton-variety) to leave in your stocking if you were a good girl or boy this year??

I was super-surprised to open the Christmas present from my parents yesterday. They got me the Simplicity bias tape maker and a book by Angela Walters (which, incidentally, I had ordered earlier this year, but after a month of waiting…because the book was going into it’s SECOND printing [go Angela!], I cancelled my order…finally got it! Yeah!). But the biggest surprise was that they got me this half-yard bundle of Michael Miller Mirror Ball Dots from Westwood Acres on Etsy!! I was blown away!

I asked my mom…’how did you know?!?’ but then I forgot that she follows me on Twitter and I had a big love-fest about these fabrics last week. I forget that she does because she usually doesn’t tweet, haha. 🙂 The funny story about this was that I tried to purchase this exact same bundle of fabric last week, and the shop owner, Amanda (whom I know) asked if I’d mind waiting until after the holidays because she was swamped (not that she would normally say that to a customer, but like I said, I know her, and I know that she has a busy little family, so I was like ‘no prob bob’). The real reason that she asked me to wait was that my mom had already contacted her about ordering the bundle, and asked her if it would ship in time for Christmas.

Not to get on a rant about Amanda, but I spoke to her about her shop at Quilt Market, and she told me that because of her location and cutting hours, she is able to (don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure that’s what she said) ship out any order in the U.S. and have the recipient get it in 2 business days. For real. So when my mom told me she had asked if it would arrive in time, I had to smile because I knew that it would.

Okay, so the Mirror Ball Dots are FREAKING amazing. You probably can’t grasp the full scope of these fabrics in the photo. But they are full of shiny metallic goodness, and the dots are just the perfect exact right size. I’m probably going to have to order more, in fact. And I want a dress. In every color. Sigh.

Westwood Acres is the only shop (that I know of) that stocks and sells the full 20-piece set of Mirror Ball (in fat eighths, fat quarters, half yards, and full yards), so get yours now!! I’m pretty sure they will be sold out soon (actually, I’m surprised they haven’t sold out already!).

And…I didn’t get these as a gift, but I kind of bought them for myself just before Christmas. This is the full bundle of the Lizzy House ‘Pearl Bracelets’, which I got from I Don’t Do Dishes on Etsy. I have no idea what to do with these fabrics but I had to get them. Don’t they look gorgeous?! These bundles are also selling out fast, as I’m told!

I must have been in a holiday stupor last week, because I totally missed the release of this new quilt pattern by Kati of From the Blue Chair. I took Kati’s (and Faith’s) class at Sewing Summit, and Kati was explaining how to quilt with diamonds and hexagons. She really knows what she’s doing. So I knew that I would have a fun time with her new ‘Honeycomb’ quilt pattern. It’s available on Craftsy and on Etsy, and you can read the full details about it here. Plus, I got my copy of the pattern for only $6.50 ’cause it’s on sale for the rest of the year (after that, it’s $8). Score. I’m thinking I’ll use some Thomas Knauer ‘Asbury’.

Speaking of ‘Asbury’, I’m working on 3 bag sewing patterns for a certain periodical. I had only 2 weeks to work on them, so I unfortunately had to put my kids’ Christmas things (2 Amy Butler pillow patterns and a super hero quilt) to the side. But this particular magazine is the ultimate one that I would want to get my patterns in, so when I found out that they had picked up all 3 of my ideas…sorry kids. 😛 One bag is going to be made in Asbury (the red quilted piece above), one in Melody Miller Ruby Star Sparkle (gold texty below), and the final in all Echino fabrics.

I can’t show you the 3 bags now, but I will say that I’m really excited about them. I will say that one of them, you may have seen before when I went to Quilt Market in October…just a little hint. 🙂 The other 2 I had a blast making because I got to use By Annie’s Soft and Stable, which is pretty much like a thin foam sew-in interfacing. It completely blew my mind at Quilt Market, and I finally got to use it. I am most suitably impressed. I’ll write a full blog post about the Soft and Stable when I can actually show you a bag made from it (these little snippets just don’t do it justice). So easy to sew with…it’s just a dream.

I did get a small amount of Christmas sewing done right before the wire…the first is this pillow that I made for a friend using Amanda Murphy’s Blossoms quilt pattern…it uses applique and it’s just crazy good! I used Amy Butler Soul Blossoms fabrics for this pillow.

I also made these two infinity scarves for my mom (Joel Dewberry and Amy Butler). Somehow I’ve already forgotten which exact tutorial I used, but there are a million out there. I used voile for these scarves, and purchased 4 fabrics, each in 1/2 yard cuts. I think they’re really great and stylish!

So again, hope you had a wonderful holiday!! And Happy New Year to you!!

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