Dress Pattern Drafting, Take One

I just wanted to post a little visual update to my Kickstarter project that was funded a few months ago. After I got other major commitments out of the way, I was finally able to start working with the pattern drafting software. The software came with a 100+ page manual, which my eyes pretty much gloss over every time I try to look at (sad but true). I guess I can kind of compare it to learning Photoshop or Illustrator. I mean, really, why can’t like 2 buttons suffice? 😉
Anyway, I sort of fiddled with things enough that I got the basic pattern pieces for two dresses printed out. This by no means is even the tip of the iceburg, but it’s definitely progress. I have a bunch of thrifted sheets and I’m planning to get some fabric cut up and see if they even somewhat resemble a dress when I slap them on my body…fingers crossed.
Thank you again to everyone who supported my endeavor, be it from a donation or hand-holding or re-Tweet or just well wishes. I really appreciate you all so much. 🙂 Will keep you posted…will be needing some pattern testers soon. 😉

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