Oakshott Tile Quilt

After seeing all my British friends sewing with them, I finally got my hands on some Oakshott Cottons. I about squealed when I opened the package…I got a beautiful Lipari Bundle and a Ruby Red Bundle. These are such beautiful fabrics, and the light reflects off them in such a wonderful way.
They are shot cottons, and I had previously heard that other brands of shot cotton are difficult to work with…thin and wavy. Not the case with these!!! They are as easy to sew with as any other quilting cotton out there. I really don’t have a bad thing to say about them, they are really that wonderful, and available in so many different colors!!
I decided to make this simple tiled quilt on Friday night. I pieced this using Aurifil thread. The squares are all 4″ x 4″, and the gray solid is a Kona. I wish I had used something more bold like black, but I didn’t have any in my stash. I felt very disappointed in my color layout when I first finished this quilt…I felt that I had used too many pinks. I did not have enough green and blue for the entire quilt, but looking back, I think that would have been the ticket. I wasn’t going to post the finished quilt at first, but I figured, not every project is a blaring success…sometimes it’s okay to be lukewarm about a project. I think maybe when I quilt it, it will make a big difference.

I just adore the Oakshotts though…aren’t those greens and blues just spectacular?! I’m going to get some more so I can make something else!! If you’re interested in getting your own Oakshotts, they do deliver to countries outside of the UK. I also noticed a coupon code for 10% on their site, by signing up for their newsletter. Also, the VAT charge (20%) does not apply to countries outside of Europe.
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